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Dogwood berry jam

Dogwood berry can be consume crude as in jam.

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Making a alphorn

In Switzerland, follow the manufacture of this instrument of music typical.

Surprisingly green frog

Green frog lives near water. She likes to put the sun to warm up. Before becoming a frog, it is transformed! The tadpole will have legs and loses its tail. Singing frogs! They inflate their membranes and thereby more strongly croak! But what could be more fun than the mating season? They are so real stunt!

A flat spring

Wine lovers and wine enthusiast, Eric Sapet like to work with many friends regional winemakers, he offers the wine tasting at events like Discovery or Exaltation Rhône in the Rhone Valley. Discover the bunch green asparagus cooked milling Val de Durance, topped with a fried egg and accompanied by a flowing invigorates sauce with smoked mackerel.

Protect animal wealth of Jordan

North of Amman, capital of Jordan, is the center of ecological research Badia. Beyond the small zoo that is home, this veterinary center is an educational site created in 2000 by the Al Khair Cooperative to educate the Bedouin population of the region. The center also plays a major role in protecting the fragile desert ecosystems.

Peatland restoration

In Wallonia, many areas have been planted conifers, therefore, biodiversity has greatly reduced. The LIFE program has managed to convince the owner to plug the drainage and restore ponds. This is how 24 large ponds and more than 2,600 small appeared.

Organic Henna is grown in Morocco

In Morocco, farmers began to grow organic henna for export abroad and for the benefit of their community. They use organic seeds and fertilizers and a drip system. Unlike other cultures, it is the women who harvest. Aside from the hair coloring and decorations on the skin, it is used to cleanse and beautify the skin.

Coupling: not wrong partner!

Every spring there is the great spectacle of breeding common frogs and common toads. The coupling takes place in water, the male clings on the back of the female body by firmly gripping thereof. The couple formed the male let go not taken until spawning. The concern is that sometimes this man is wrong: what's wrong!

Save the subspecies of chimpanzees in West Africa

In Guinea, the Conservation Centre is a sanctuary for chimpanzees cope with the emergency. Orphans are collected, they are often traumatized by their capture and in poor health. The work of volunteers is to treat but also to teach them to become chimpanzees, return to nature, more group because their lifestyle is clan.

The fabric is recycled

In Yvelines, a factory specialized in recycling old fabrics that can not be resold. It is an insulator called Metisse is obtained.

Pond aquaculture

The pond is drained and thus are caught carp in Craigavon ​​in the Loire. Carp are sorted according to size after.

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