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Dogwood berry jam

Dogwood berry can be consume crude as in jam.

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Bring breakfast!

Flour, cocoa, sugar .. any transition in large barge in cargo .. Finally in the stomach of children for breakfast!

The rum road

Follow the steps in production of rum, cane alcohol.

The mysterious migration of monarch butterflies

Each year, the Monarchs, who live much of the year in North America, begin a long journey south when cold weather arrives. 4000km migration remains mysterious insect living only two months, several generations pass between the departure and return in the north. How do they do every year to find a place where they have never been?

Transformation of terrace

No more black plastic pots just cracked! Follow step by step the transformation of a terrace with the painting of wooden bins, the establishment of tissue protection in the pots and potting of the olive tree and aromatic plants.

Meet the gorillas

Christophe Vasselin had the chance to follow a group of about thirty with a small gorilla named Nankafu and an unfortunate who had his hand amputated by a poacher's trap. Located in the South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, National Park Kahuzi-Biega has a population of about 250 people to lowland gorillas in the east.

Life in the waters of the Rhone

Beaver, freshwater sponges, life abounds in the Rhone. Most impressive are the clusters of dozens of catfish, fish that can exceed 2m50! These clusters are often several meters thick. Scientifically, the reasons for these groupings are, for now, unknown. One of the photos has been awarded at ASFERICO 2011.

When the ship comes to life

The model boats are created before our eyes in a small factory in Brittany.

Fight against the American crayfish

Originally from the United States, the crayfish is classified as harmful in France. In general, the fishing is permitted year-round and is highly recommended!

Espelette pepper: red gold of the Basque Country

In the Basque Country, it's not just the cap, there is also the Espelette! Holder of an AOC, red gold grows in a greenhouse before being transplanted into the ground. Harvesting is done on a staggered basis from August to frost. Powdered, it will delight Bayonne ham!

Yosemite: scenery breathtaking

Located in eastern California, Yosemite National Park is characterized by granite domes and impressive waterfalls. Making it one of the most visited natural sites in the U.S..

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