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Lion cub and their mother

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Cold Animal

Musk oxen facing the storm, penguins hugging each other for warmth, birds ruffling their plumage ... animals bracing for the bad season.

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Baby dragon

Prominent scales, bulging eyes, these modest-sized reptiles could very well pass themselves off as baby dragons.

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Wild versus domestic

Man began to domesticate wild animals in the Neolithic Age. Wolf, wild cat, auroch, polecat, wild boar, etc ... have transformed into dog, cat, cow, ferret, pig ...

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Animal Valentine's Day

Love among animals has nothing to envy to humans: bubble bath for toads, rodeo among pigeons, in trio among snails, in buildings among zygènes! special palm for seagulls whose love literally turns their heads!

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Animal transparency

What could be more elegant than a transparent jellyfish, barely outlined with a white border, which blooms in the water? Transparency in animals also makes it possible to see internal organs as in the frog of the genus aptly named Hyalinobatrachium, which refers to "hyaline" or to see the slug embryo, within a totally transparent egg.

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Animals your white on snow!

Images full of sweetness for these animals which drape themselves in white for the winter, and thus hide themselves on the white of the snow.

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Animal dance

It's summer, we celebrate this in animals!

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African mask

Butterflies, caterpillars, beetles display patterns that sometimes remind of colorful masks with eyes staring at us ... It is no coincidence, these patterns are messages for possible predators.

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The kings of climbing

From snails to lions, animals are the kings of climbing! the lion cubs make the short ladder, before being stopped in their tracks by a lion, a monkey does not hesitate to use the tail of a member of its group to reach the summits and some snails feel so strong that they take in their crazy climb a fellow on their shell!

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David versus Goliath

In animals, we do not sometimes hesitate to confront larger than ourselves.

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Attention fragile balance!

Animals play tightrope walkers!

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Distanciation animal

I couldn't help but prepare this newsletter by discovering this photo of giraffes!

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Afraid of spiders?

But no, it's not the little beast that will eat the big one!

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Too greedy squirrels!

A small arboreal and diurnal rodent, squirrels are great gourmets and excellent climbers, capable of making great leaps to go from one tree to another. They are also very agile, quick and playful because for this gourmet, when it comes to food, he does not hesitate to play acrobats to go steal in the feeders hung on trees intended for birds.

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Pull me the portrait, whew!

Louna, 4 months old, gets a portrait, but also a dog of the Japanese shiba inu breed, or this hunting dog wherever his truffle stands out, giving him the air of a big boar!

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Look me by wings...

The animals do not hesitate to adorn themselves with ocelles, "false eyes" whose goal is to scare the predators.

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Crazy, adorable, kittens are full of expression: jaded, amused, annoyed, silly ...

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Animals or leaves .. autumn!

Do not be fooled, these leaves are actually animals!

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With the eyes

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Stange marines creatures

Some of the underseas species make us fun ! Or scary us !

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Itch, itch, itch !

I'm itching all over

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Insect faces

Insecte face

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Fight !

Animal fight

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All you need is love

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Invisible animals

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What a tongue

Malpolis: ils tirent la langue!

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Postprandial nap

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Photofusion !

Montage animal

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Childs and pets

Les enfants et les animaux

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Colorfull insects

Insectes qui flashent !

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Tree Frog

La petite grenouille de nos campagne

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Dancing Damselfly

Ballet des demoiselles

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Beasts and snow

Les animaux s'adaptent bien à la rigueur de la neige.

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Le carnaval chez les animaux

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Stretch an ear!

That she is disproportionate, tattooed, pierced by the war 14/18, hairy, tiny ... the ear challenges us!

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Glasses animals

But are they myopic? these animals seem to have put on glasses ...

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Choose your look "animal" !

All hairstyles exist in animals: cranberry brush cut, crested punk crest, petard hair in Chinese dog, eagle and cariama feather in the front of the head, a horse even tried to curlers, as for the ibis, in front of all these looks, he preferred to be bald!

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It's a rock, a peak, a peninsula!

It is not only Cyrano who was born with a big nose! the animal kingdom is full of great pives, insects, mammals, birds and even fish!

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Jolies araignées

They are not only black and hairy! They are sometimes more beautiful than their prey and do not hesitate to display pink or yellow on their abdomen! Let's rehabilitate these unloved ones!

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Fashionable whiskers

Favorites, mustaches in men and especially animals!

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Farm animal

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A snake appetite!

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April ! fish !

Funny face for this fish !

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Pet portrait

Our pet in studio