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Photo or painting?

The animals of Africa are transformed into an artist's canvas. Oil painting background or elephant skin, the spell is there.

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The vegetal backlight

We know the plants, the flowers, their beautiful colors, but against the light, they are offered to us in another way, and can sometimes turn into monsters!

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Autumn in print

Pure autumn leaves ...

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It's the fashionable color this year!

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Le lait dans tous ses états

The milk comes alive!

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Aquatic, animal, vegetal, sculptural, blue is everywhere.

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Cristal rainbows

Cristallisation de produits chimiques

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Drop Art

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Draw with drops

les gouttes qui dessinent

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Pollen in microscope

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Natural stars

Stars in the head

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Hair and skin

Hair and fur

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Faces from nature

Nature face

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The crowd

Oppressive Crowd

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Exotic spiral

Spirale pas banale

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Heart by mother nature

Au "coeur" de la Nature!