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Rain = mushroom

The summer was rather wet this year, the mushrooms are pointing the tip of their hat in the majority of France.

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Halloween spider web?

White, fluffy, invasive, in fine filaments, it is not however a spider's web in this Halloween period, but mycelium. We must see in this word of Greek origin, the dark side of mushrooms. The visible form that we pick up is only the reproductive system, the real "fungus lives lurking hidden in the ground or in the litter of the leaves. They like it very much, occupying a large part of the ground, in the States. -United, a single individual covering 890 hectares of forest has been discovered, his age is estimated at 2400 years!

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Swallows and swifts return

While some do not move, others like swallows and swifts do not stop! The swallows have just arrived from their long journey from Africa, more than 10,000 km for some. As for the swifts, which will not delay, they do not hold in place, they can spend 99% of their time in flight, when they are not in the breeding period.

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Flowers that are taken for animals

A tail of "hare", the aconite "wolf-bear", the erythrone "dog's tooth", the flora wants to pass for the fauna! Aconite is a poison, it used to be used to poison wolves, erythrone has its bulb that mimics a dog's tooth and the tail of hare literally looks like a hare tail!

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The alphabet of medicinal plants

After the ABC of medicinal plants, here is the DEF!

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Automne dans les Alpes

Colors on every floor!

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Insectes en apéritif

It crunches under the tooth!

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The ABCs of medicinal plants

The medicinal plants are so numerous that here are only a few whose name begins with A B or C!

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Flora wakes up under the snow!

It's not just us waking up in the snow, the flowers too!

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Eating insects !

Manger des insectes !

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Spring !

Les premiers beaux jours, enfin...

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The snow wtrikes back

The return of snow

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Volcano: it's hot!

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Play with nature

Do experience

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