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Fabrice Balleret the king of Burgundy truffles!

Fabrice Balleret, chef of the prefect of Nièvre, has his favorite product: the Burgundy truffle. He doesn't just produce it in the markets, he goes and fetch it himself with his dog on his property. Fabrice is part of the Syndicat des Trufficulteurs and has also created an association, "La Truffière du Bec d´Allier".

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Cook the nature !

It's spring and nature offers us flowers, leaves ... to cook. Sugar macerated with spruce buds can be used to make flavored ice cream. Mugwort gives breaded vegetable pancakes, oregano becomes pesto ... Nature also enters the bathroom, daisies macerate can be used as a skin care product.

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Chicory Lutun

Today, there are only two chicory processing companies left in France. In Oye-Plage, the Lutun family company roasts dried chicory fibers called cossettes. A job that requires precise monitoring of temperatures throughout the process. Cossettes contain inulin. During roasting, the balance of its molecules is broken and inulin releases fructose which caramelizes at a specific temperature. The light-skinned cossette then takes on a brownish tint and takes on its recognizable scent that brings back memories of childhood for some.

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Cassava, the "roots" of Native Americans

The history of the cultivation of this plant begins 4000 years ago in Peru. Native Americans have entered modernity with more and more manufactured products, but cassava is still the staple food and the core of social life. Cassava is in food, drinks, rites and is also a social mediator. We go as a family to cultivate and harvest cassava from the giblets, and we get together more widely to drink cachiri, a fermented drink made from detoxified paste. Because cassava is also a toxic poison, which is why the juice containing cyanide is detoxified by slow cooking. Cassava is mainly consumed as couac (grilled semolina) and cassava (large kwak cake) ...

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Druid of Paris

Stéphane Meyer, known as the "Druid of Paris", is the man who brought wild plants to serve the starred chefs of the capital. Back in his native Jura, in Château-Chalon, he now devotes himself to the development of spirits, as well as to his vineyard that he cultivates naturally and destined to the development of Vin Jaune.

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A utopian place

The Source Dorée restaurant to the west of Lyon does not look far for its vegetables, they are grown on site. Potatoes, raspberries, everything is there.

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The Bras family in the garden and in the kitchen

Cooking is a family story at Les Bras, which is told over three generations already. Three chapters written by Granny Bras, Michel and now Sebastien.

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Cuisine nature en Berry

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Ail des ours délice forestier

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Elderberry jelly

Each spring, elderberries spread their umbels with fragrant white flowers. It is at this moment that they must be picked and turned into a delicate jelly.

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Huile de noix du Cher

Berry walnut oil

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Truffle Festival Richerenches (Vaucluse)

3rd Sunday of January is held mass in tribute to truffles, diamond Richerenches. It follows the truffle weighing and selling at auction.

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A spring recipe

Wine lovers and wine enthusiast, Eric Sapet like to work with many friends regional winemakers, he offers the wine tasting at events like Discovery or Exaltation Rhône in the Rhone Valley. Discover the bunch green asparagus cooked milling Val de Durance, topped with a fried egg and accompanied by a flowing invigorates sauce with smoked mackerel.

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Prepare the feast after cure: a recipe for nettle!

In the spring, pick-ups of nettles, known for a "cure" for your digestive system. You can make a nettle sauce whose flavor is intermediate between the sorrel and spinach ideally accompanies a fillet of trout ...

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Dendelion wine

Dandelions, orange, lemon, sugar. No alcohol, fermentation takes place within 3 months of maturation.

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Applesauce: a simple joy for children

Two children embark on the production of applesauce.

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A terroir of Vosges: Munster

In the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges, the farmhouse from the small ball raises cows and Vosges manufactures dairy products like butter but mostly Munster.

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Typic frenck cooking: Cassoulet

Follow the realization by the pottery Not brothers, the last "cassoles". Immerse yourself in the culinary workshop with Eric Rousselot, head of the Hostellerie Etienne to learn to cook the cassoulet of Castelnaudary.

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Strawberries marmelade

A summer foretaste with this strawberries marmalade realization.

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Limoncello: refreshing summer

The Limoncello is a lemon liqueur from Italy. It may very well make yourself, the ingredients are water, lemon zest, sugar and alcohol.

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Brew your own beer!

For beer lovers, what a pleasure to learn to brew his beverage, choice of hops, spices ... With two months to St. Patrick's Day!

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Make your jams!

Nothing could be easier than making a blackberry jam, can be easily found on roadsides. It only remains to get a little sugar, and go!