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Eco-friendly straw

Plastic straws have been banned in France since January 2021. Straws made with the grass Lepirona articulata in Thailand are an ecological alternative. It does not soften and retains its shape and stiffness in hot or cold drinks.

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Birth of a wind turbine

The birth of this Breton wind turbine took place in two phases. A first where the elements were preassembled and the second in situ where the "tube" was mounted then the blades came to be fixed.

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Wastewater treatment plant

Annemasse wastewater treatment plant: Pollution control and methanization plant with a treatment capacity for an agglomeration of 120,000 people. The center also treats edible oils, a collaboration project with neighboring Switzerland is underway to treat micro pollutants.

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What is a rock glacier?

With its characteristic frowns, its steep, multi-lobed front, its unstable boulders, the rocky glacier is a spectacular mixture of ice and stones which flows slowly along a mountain slope. It is thus distinguished from the white glacier, consisting entirely of ice, and the black glacier covered with rock debris.
The Southern Alps contain superb rocky glaciers, such as that of Asti (Queyras), those of Marinet (Haute Ubaye) or those of the circus of Sainte-Anne (Queyras).
But for the activity of such a glacier to continue, the annual average air temperature must imperatively remain below -2 ° C. Will the rocky glaciers of the Southern Alps all become inactive with climate change?

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Cevennes crushes

The weather is hot, dry, thunderstorms will arrive eventually and episodes of rain Cevennes may be at the rendezvous ... Professional storm hunter Xavier Delorme returns on a night in October when he realized the hunt to the most terrible storms he has ever experienced. Impacts took place very close to him and he had the chance to take pictures of the "leaders", that is to say the electric currents that go up from the ground, only a few meters from a house! He also immortalized a powerflash, ie a short circuit on an electric pole because of a lightning impact on the pole behind him at 50m.

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Formation tourisme nature

Listen to the forest, observe a grass with a new eye and know how to give it a name, know the animal that came to nibble a pine cone ..., here is part of the day of environmental awareness organized by the Regional natural park volcanoes Auvergne to the tourist service providers of the territory. The Pinatelle forest in Cantal was the setting for this day.

News 2018: Aquaponic

Aquaponics is an innovative technique resulting from the double competence in fish farming and natural pools set up in 2018 by the Anjou aquaculture farm which is managed by Valérie Zimmermann. The system makes it possible to combine the production of fish and market gardening in a way that is both intensive and biological, coupling them in a closed circuit!
In fact, ornamental or consumption fish are raised in ponds whose water is purified on a substratum of clay balls, or other neutral substrates, by aerobic bacteria that transform fish droppings. in nutrients for the vegetable garden installed at this place. The water thus purified is returned to the fish, which ensures a low water consumption of the whole.
The technique adapts to both individuals through elegant basins adaptable kit from balcony to garden and industrial production especially for urban farms that produce fish and vegetables on site.

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Artisanal gold panning in Mauritania

In Chami, a new town located in the middle of the desert between Nouakchott and Nouadhibou, thousands of gold miners, often organized as a family, artisanally extract gold from the rock. After crushing, the powdered rock is passed over a makeshift screen, carpet strips. Gold is finally captured by agglomeration with mercury, a product dangerous to humans and nature.

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The Indonesian volcano Ijen and its sulphur miners

Three kilometers of climb in the mist and lush vegetation lead to the top of Kawa Ijen. We then discover a steep path, inside the crater, leading to the sulphur mine and the acid lake. It is through this passage through the rocks that the porters go up the sulfur harvested on a man's back!

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Economie d'eau

Water is precious, at our scale, we can act to preserve it. Here are some tips: setting up a consumption reducer on tap, recuperating cold water while waiting for hot water, bottle in the flush toilet to decrease the amount of water, even a dry toilet! It is possible to install a rain water reserve in its garden..

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Energy-producing incinerator

A Calcès, dans les Pyrénées-Orientales, l'Arc Iris a un générateur dernière génération avec trois fours, qui permet d'obtenir de l'énergie. des écoles, aux politiques, en passant par les particuliers, tout le monde peut aller visiter ce centre de tri et incinérateur.

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Flood the Ceze, Gard

Gorges flooded, devastated homes, the flood of September 9, 2002 has wreaked havoc.

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Drinking water plant

Dans les Pyrénées-Atlantiques, la Lyonnaise des eaux s'active pour rendre les eaux usées en eau potable. Voici toutes les étapes de cette transformation miraculeuse.

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Recycle... my fries!

l'association Roule Ma Frite (RMF) dans les Pyrénées-Orientales est spécialisée dans la collecte d'huile de friture en restaurant dans le but de la transformer en bio carburant, bio éthanol... Il existe que quatre associations de ce réseau pour le moment

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Sea ice cubes

La mer peut geler, c'est ce qui est arrivé en baie de Somme. C'est tout un paysage qui se transforme:marais gelé, neige sur la plage et écume transformée en glaçon.

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A good fence for pastoralism

In the Eastern Pyrenees , the company installs fences Furlong foolproof. Discover the stages of the replacement of old fences.

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Gas exploitation in Africa

A Franco-British oil company has operations around the world . Visit of the gas in the region Ozangue Gabon.

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Hunting season for pigeons : controversy

In the Aude , many hunters neighboring departments take their hunting card in Aude border to practice their passion, wood-pigeon hunting . In the Aude , it stops late March while elsewhere , it stops late January because the LPO broke the order of " nuisance species destruction."

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Calanques rockfalls

The construction of the viaduct cove Vesse had adverse consequences of rockfalls from the quarry . For several years, some huts facing the sea , affected by the communal order of risk are pending demolition or eviction.

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Ecocup, reusable cups

Specializes in the design , manufacture and washing reusable cups , Ecocup quickly became indispensable partner of all concerned events of the environment. Established for almost ten years, the company has a system set at € 1 , made ​​in exchange for the drink in the late evening.

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Pannecière lake

During the ten-drain this lake located in Burgundy, is the memory of the two hamlets Pelus Blairgowrie and we deliver to the surface. Heap of stones which were houses, old bridges that span the Yonne and Houssière who return to their natural bed time. In this colorful desert, rediscover their original confluence.

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Forest fire prevention

The Committee Communal Forest Fires Montesquieu is the only active in the department of Pyrénées-Orientales, to the chagrin of its president, Alain Guittard, who hopes to see this voluntary initiative from 1986 to emulate for different ranges and different municipalities of this department.

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Protect animal wealth of Jordan

North of Amman, capital of Jordan, is the center of ecological research Badia. Beyond the small zoo that is home, this veterinary center is an educational site created in 2000 by the Al Khair Cooperative to educate the Bedouin population of the region. The center also plays a major role in protecting the fragile desert ecosystems.

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Peatland restoration

In Wallonia, many areas have been planted conifers, therefore, biodiversity has greatly reduced. The LIFE program has managed to convince the owner to plug the drainage and restore ponds. This is how 24 large ponds and more than 2,600 small appeared.

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The fabric is recycled

In Yvelines, a factory specialized in recycling old fabrics that can not be resold. It is an insulator called Metisse is obtained.

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Rats at the service of men

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Tires recycling

Since 2003, the tires are obliged to follow a recycling. After grinding, they are found in the form of sheet or structural damping in the playgrounds.

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Green turtles in danger

Near the island of Contadora, Panama, men and women release the green turtle nets and other plastic waste.

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Studies of the National Water and Aquatic Environments

Collection of measured data on the fauna collected during a sampling campaign carried out by officers of scientific ONEMA (National Water and aquatic environments) on watercourses in the Somme in Picardy in northern France.

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Small green fingers in action in Argentina

At the heart of the Andean mountains, a primary school is meeting the challenge of giving birth tree species native to Patagonia. After a terrible fire that destroyed part of the National Park Los Alerces in 2008, the project took on a new dimension: the reforestation of the area burned.

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Saint-Honoré 1500 - Ski resort in Isère abandoned by developers

Proposed ski resort and infrastructure for customers (1400 beds etc ...) abandoned in 1993 by the promoters. The station Saint-Honoré in 1500 is today the symbol of the race to the white gold, absurd projects that have been launched without having seen the lack of snow and climate change.

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Fight against the American crayfish

Originally from the United States, the crayfish is classified as harmful in France. In general, the fishing is permitted year-round and is highly recommended!

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Struggle against the Hornets Asian bees

Beekeeping is threatened by the Asian hornet, an invasive species which thrive in France. See photos of bees attacked struggle in their hive, removing nests of hornets.

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Balloon: what's the point?

The balloon can obtain measurements such as temperature, humidity, wind strength and this can be until a height of 35km! A very long and high travel for a helium filled balloon!

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Fair Solar: Solar Event

From 4 to 6 June 2010, find all the news from solar energy: race car, solar oven ...

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Volcanic and seismic monitoring

Eruption of volcano Turrialba, Costa Rica, follow the volcanologist analyzing the seismic records.

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Green Cross: Humanitarian NGOs and Green

In Burkina Faso, Green Cross affect both the direct management of water as the creation of wells, pumps or irrigation systems, and longer term actions such as reforestation. Among the different actions, the establishment of local composting sites can improve the soil to be more fertile and retain water better.

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Aeolian Tunisia

Assembling the pieces of wind in Tunisia. Clean energy available in many countries!

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Changes mandrill

In Gabon, the Wildlife Conservation Society has established a track mandrill. Yves Mihindou and Salvador Bivigou follow their movements.

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Habitat World's End

In India, follow the completion of briquettes that can build houses.

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Zoo shame: Kathmandu

Patrick Correia, using the President of WWF denounces the conditions of life. The poor beasts are moving headlong on the rubble. Without shade, where the animals seek shelter from heat, and make return to their watering trough and desperately empty and dry.

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Lastest dragons in danger

In the heart of Regional Park Scarpe-Escaut, technicians Park and NFB working to preserve wetlands. Careful monitoring of populations of newts has been established: the capture by "bottle traping" can identify these amphibians. The comparison between the 2008 study and the 2009 has put forward a regression of these endangered species ...

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Lagoon station of Rochefort

This ecological sewage system can accommodate wildlife: coot, teal .. Wildlife and livestock: sheep black face for the maintenance of the surroundings and highland pony for other spaces. Releases of the station are valued: biogas and mineral mud dried for the green spaces of Rochefort.

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Towards a better exploitation of Gabon's forests

Daniel Riffet, geographer and photographer followed the workers and engineers exploited Gabon. Management has been revised to make it more sustainable, better training of workers is ensured. The resulting wood obtained certificates that come under the eyes of European consumers.

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Electric fishing for scientific purposes

A study was conducted in the Charente in the marshes of St. Fraigne. The objective is to know the potential fish from the wetland. Electric fishing can stun the fish, it must be done by an expert! The fish are recorded and measured before being released (apart from some like the sun-pole). Nearly 300 photos on the subject!

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Exploitation of Sulphur.. Convicts at work

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When you empty a dam lake!

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Wind Construction

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Where's the Péliade viper?

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Fight against the Jussie: mobilization in force

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The "Fournaise" in action

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Pollution of Paimboeuf, it lasts since March..

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"Roc y agua"

This work "Roc Y Agua" allow to give prominence to river pollution. white show oxygen whereas black see problem...