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Pisciculture Couturier - Indre

For more than 50 years, the Couturier company has specialized in fish farming and the marketing of freshwater fish in the heart of one of the most important fish farming regions in France: La Brenne. Four successive generations have and continue to contribute to guaranteeing it an undisputed reputation for quality and seriousness.
Today fish farming sells throughout France for the restocking of rivers and ponds for the greatest satisfaction of fishing companies, works councils, communal ponds and individuals. It also exports to Germany and Belgium.
By marketing 400 tonnes of fish per year, the Couturier fish farm is one of the largest in France.

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Pêche professionnelle - Erdre

Alain Baillet is a fisherman on the Erdre and the Loire in Maine-et-Loire. He has been working for 35 years and supplies gourmet restaurants. By fishing the huge catfish, it allows certain species such as pike to return. Alain practices responsible fishing, using traps to keep the fish alive in order to throw the little ones back into the water.

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Bluefin Tuna Rod Fishing

The boat Lap ’Lapurdi‘ ’from the fishing port of St Jean de Luz / Ciboure started its bluefin tuna fishing campaign in June. Due to very supervised and supervised fishing quotas, he is only allowed to fish 16 Tons of tuna. This traditional and artisanal form of rod fishing is however resource-conscious and is by nature a thousand miles from that practiced by French or foreign pelagic trawlers. The fishing technique is as follows: Small reel rods are first used, with a simple lure at the end of the line, a moving boat spinning offshore to test if there are tuna in the area. Then using a sonar, but above all by observing the surface of the sea with the naked eye to detect movements of tuna close to the surface. If they are spotted, the boat stops and uses one or more rods with live bait at the end of the hook (small horse mackerel or anchovies).

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Sologne - Pêche d'étang

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Ama free diving women in Japan

In Japan ordinary women have developed over the centuries a unique technique of snorkeling. These are the Ama, "women of the sea", an aging population whose number continues to decline dramatically.
Beyond their extraordinary performances, it is an admirable way of life which is particularly respectful of the environment which is threatened with disappearance. Formerly a pearl fisherman, they now dive for abalone and other shellfish. Originally, diving clothes did not exist and the "women of the sea" dived almost naked, then covered with a white cotton supposed to keep sharks away (1920), and finally in a neoprene suit (1960). Between 1960 and 1965, the quantity of abalone caught was multiplied by three. Today, they are increasingly rare despite restrictions on the fishing period and minimum size. Is it the fault of global warming?

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French caviar

The Caviar de Sologne, from the Elysée to Michelin-starred chefs and the Nordic house, here is a new product of the French terroir.
Marketed since 2007 after years of experimentation, Vincent and Patricia Hennequart's caviar is one of the best of its kind: very extensive breeding, superlative water quality, particular attention to cured meat. It takes 5 to 9 years to produce mature sturgeons, an ultrasound lets you know how eggs are, caviar in training. The caviar of Sologne is an exceptional product, which remains relatively affordable when we take the trouble to buy it on the spot after talking with the exciting owners.

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France Koï

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The tourist fishermen

On Inle Lake in Burma, there are many fishermen standing on their boat, using a conical net. This ancestral fishery tends to disappear in favor of net fishing by tapping the water. The five or six trawlers who are still present are only there for the show with tourists. All old, having practiced this fishing in the past, they are the last holder of this traditional knowledge.

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Giant fishing

It is necessary to see the size of the net spread in this pond of Dombes in the Ain by Pascal Dannancier and his team! He must collect the several tons of carp, pikeperch, black bass, roach and other white fish. The farm then sorts the fish by species, you have to go fast, they must not stay in the open more than a minute. The bigger ones go to the pan, while the smaller ones go to basins protected by cormorant nets or go to the ponds and rivers for the greatest pleasure of the fishermen.

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Etals surprenants dans l'Asie du Sud-Est

On the fish markets of Tokyo and Seoul, there are some surprising species: octopus, the Beryx which is fished in the deep waters .. much appreciated in sushi and especially ecurian, worms whose form gave them the name of "Penis fish" with virtues deemed aphrodisiacs!

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Un poisson à grandes dents: le brochet !

A fish with big teeth

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Il reste des "petits" pêcheurs

here are still "small" fishermen

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Red Tuna in the Basque country

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Pêche au barbeau à la nymphe plombée

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Ivindo life

Life flows along the Ivindo River. The people mainly practice fishing.

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Technical editing of a nymph

Erection of a nymph with a leaden ball in tungsten.

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Pêche au couteau

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Lambi fishing

You know those giant shells on which you put your ear to hear the ocean ? before doing so , it is necessary that its occupant had left and conch fishermen Guadeloupe know do well and revel in it !

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The auction of Port- Vendres is in crisis and live his last days : reduction of fish reserves, disarmament boats, wholesalers attendance down , competing with Spain and Aude ...

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Poissons Label rouge

Les poissons du soleil est une entreprise spécialisée dans l'élevage de Daurade, Maigre et Loup. C'est dans les Pyrénées Orientales que l'on sélectionne et fait vieillir ces poissons Label Rouge. Essentiellement nourris à base de farine de poisson et de farine végétale de soja, cette entreprise refuse l'utilisation de farine animale d'origine terrestre.

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Pêche au toc

C'est une technique de pêche d'origine pyrénéenne, qui concerne les truites farios le plus souvent. Les pêcheurs récoltent leurs appâts dans les rivières, sur le lieu de pêche.

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Responsible fishermen of Costa Rica

At Bejuco, a small village on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, a fishing community lives in the heart of a mangrove that protects and nourishes hurricane family. Here all the fishermen have chosen to use only artisanal fishing techniques, recognizing that cooperation with local biodiversity is the best way to ensure a prolific and sustainable fisheries.

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Shrimp at any age

Whether you're big or small, that we have a single net, a "tireu" or "scoop net", the shrimp in the channel is always a pleasure.

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Fishing canine: technique used in mountain lakes

The fishing canine is an evolution of an old technique of fishing pole, fishing gamba. It is mounted on the same line one or more hooks. The line went down vertically to the boat, often in deep water. This technique is now almost exclusively address whitefish in alpine lakes (Lac du Bourget Lac d'Aiguebelette).

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Pond aquaculture

The pond is drained and thus are caught carp in Craigavon ​​in the Loire. Carp are sorted according to size after.

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Fishing lamparo a technique to capture sardines

Joel and Alain chiajese are fishermen and owner of Oued Souss, in southern France, which practice fishing lamparo. This is a special net called a seine boat equipped with a light lamp 4000watts which attracts fish.

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Fishing in Sri Lanka

Après le retour de pêche des catamarans, les pêcheurs trient, font sécher et vendent leur poisson aux abords du port.

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Fishing pond

In the territory of Belfort, pond fishing is done with a lot of man's arm.