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Laon, a city in the middle of nature

Laon is undoubtedly the greenest prefecture, its city center is surrounded by greenery. From the top of Notre-Dame Cathedral (which has the curious feature of having three towers!), You can admire the nature that alternates with the city. After having visited the Saint-Martin abbey, take a ride in the little train, you have to drink a good "broken mouth", a local beer that can be tasted in a beer bar.

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The Meuse, its life, its floods

The navigable part of the Meuse, up to its mouth in the North Sea is known, but the part to the south, up to its source, is less so. The wild aspect of the Meuse, its impetuous character during floods, but also its droughts are highlighted with this report. The flora and fauna have found there a land conducive to their development, especially beavers.

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Discover Moulins

Moulins surprises as soon as it approaches, with the bell towers of its church and its cathedral, which rival each other in height, all overlooking the raging Allier river. Moulins makes you want to leave Paris, with its dynamic city center which lights up during the holidays, its many museums including the national costume center which will be wearing the colors of the Rio carnival this winter.

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What is the highest village in France?

The 214 inhabitants of Saint-Véran breathe the fresh air, an air at an altitude of 2042 meters, which makes the village the highest in France. The various chapels and the twenty or so sundials give an interesting visit in all seasons!

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Scarpe-Escaut natural park

The Scarpe and Scheldt valleys contain nearly 13,000 hectares of wetlands. The territory is punctuated by ponds, marshes, wet meadows, canals, peat bogs, ponds, surface and underground water tables.

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Pas-de-Calais magnified

Who said the north of France was gray? Pas-de-Calais breaks these preconceived ideas, with the colors of its beaches, fields, skies and even its city of lace! A discovery offered by Yann Avril, described as "photographer of the Opal Coast".

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The white of the Vosges this winter

Scandinavia? No, the Vosges under the immaculate snow of our harsh winter! In the natural park of Ballons des Vosges, the lakes follow one another, the lake of the crows, that of Lispach, icy and covered with a white coat reminiscent of the white of the sky.

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A milky lake

In the Ecrins National Park, the Lac du Glacier d'Arsine is a proglacial lake, that is to say a lake which formed just in front of a glacier and which owes its existence to the latter's meltwater. Like many "white lakes", the milky white color of this lake is due to the abrasion of the rock under the glaciers which are upstream: the flow of the glacial tongue scratches, crushes and polishes the rock, generating a fine ground rock powder (<50 μm), known as "glacial flour". It is this flour that we find in the meltwater of glaciers where it then takes the name of "glacier milk". The microscopic flakes that make up this "milk" are insoluble and of the same density as water. There is therefore no sedimentation and the color is found in the outlets of this lake.

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You immediately forget Vichy's dark past when you start to visit this city. The thermal architecture, the Art-deco Notre Dame des Malades church with its mosaic ceilings, the curious holiday chalets of Napoleon III and his family are so many feasts for the eyes. For relaxation, the Napoleon III park and all its facilities on the banks of the Allier are perfect. Finally, you have to fill a few bottles at the Célestin spring, accessible to all, to keep some memories in your mouth!

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White, black ... or mirror lakes

In the Alps, lakes sometimes have names of colors, white, black, gray, green ... These are generally the colors that the lakes take. The white lakes are heterogeneous. They are generally very blue lakes, and at very high altitude, which are covered with snow eight to eleven months a year. As for the mirror lakes, they are of all colors, because they reflect a grandiose landscape!

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Tarn Gorges, a place to discover for this summer

Kayaking tourism in France focuses a lot on the Ardèche gorges. To avoid the crowds, Lozère also has gorges where the aquatic walks are breathtakingly beautiful, a place to discover.

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Lyon and its architecture

From Lugdunum the Gallo-Roman to the current city, Lyon has evolved a lot as evidenced by the architecture of the different districts: Old Lyon with its basilica, its traboules and its medieval streets, but also the Peninsula and the Brotteaux in the Haussmann style, the Part Dieu and its buildings whose construction began in the 1960s, and the rapidly changing district of the Confluence where the industrial heritage is transformed into a museum or offices. The highlight of the city's transformation is the Hôtel-Dieu. It was a hospital whose construction had started in the 17th century and was used as such until October 2010. The buildings which compose it underwent many transformations over the centuries. The redevelopment of the hospital into a commercial complex (hotel, restaurant, shops, etc.) started in 2012 and was not fully completed until 2019.

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French forest

In France, there is at least one good news, it is the wooded area that increases each year. According to the National Forest Office, it increases by 0.7% per year, from 14.1 million hectares in 1985 to 17 million today. The climate and varied altitudes offer forests with different faces, the surprising massive cedars from Algeria in the Lubéron to Norman beech forests ...

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Musée du pastel, Magrin

Pastel is a magical plant, its flowers are yellow, but it is from its leaves that we get the famous blue dye. It is in a castle near Toulouse that was about to collapse in 1971, that its owners have decided to put this plant in the spotlight.

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Salers, beau village du Cantal

Salers ... it's a cheese, it's a beautiful cow, but it's also a village of 300 souls, but it looks much bigger. by its size, but also its number of visitors attracted by the recognition of the "most beautiful villages of France". The main square of the village is surrounded by a Renaissance house typical of Haute-Auvergne, in its center, the bust of Ernest Tyssandier d'Escous, the agronomist who renovated the Salers race.

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Autumn Cantal

The mountain is not always in summer or winter, why not the Cantal, the middle mountains of Auvergne in autumn, an ideal temperature and beautiful lights: The Puy Mary, the Dordogne River, the Halloween train ! ...

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Strange and magical natural labyrinth of Nebias

At the turn of a scrubland in the Aude, an approach walk in the scrubland brings us into a surprising limestone maze, shaped like corridors and bowls ...
Moss-covered rocks alternate with the white of the karst in the middle of a forest that is made up of sometimes very strange trees, such as the lyre fir, or octopus oak ... We then sink into this dark and wet forest dotted with clearings and sinkholes, which make these places peaceful and mysterious. The permanent darkness of some places favors the presence of mosses and lichens that give a green tinge to certain rocky corridors. This site was chosen for its aesthetics and its strangeness and although it is today used mainly as a nature trail, it has been used for a very long time by humans to house cattle, apiaries, crops, etc. It's a nice, magical place for young and old. Each according to his research and the period of his attendance can find happiness, and multiple atmospheres. Whether to meditate and relax, play or walk, or picnicking with family in any case this place will leave no one indifferent!

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Normandy aerial view

The sea and its bays of Veys or Salenelles, the Seine, its marshes and its estuary, its ponds, old sandpits, abandoned spinning ... here is a wide panorama of Normandy seen from the sky. Nearly 500 photos available ...

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Ceillac Cairn

The local artist Monique Eymard gives strength to the hikers by putting all along the way unusual cairns she created with the stones of the Hautes-Alpes. A stroll for the big but also the small ones.

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Flowers in Grands Causses

The large limestone plateaus with their almost steppe meadows are hostile, but in spring the rain makes them blaze with the thousand colors of a carpet of flowers. If the long golden hair of the Orphan maidenhair is the most specific of these windy meadows, multicolored orchids also find on this soil a land of choice.

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Clarée valley summer

The river Clarée, in the Hautes-Alpes is very lucky. Throughout her journey she crosses landscapes of exceptional beauty. If she could get out of bed and climb to the heights, she would discover a plethora of lakes, such as the beautifully named Lake of Snakes or Lake Cristol.

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Picardy Belfry

Picardy is rich with belfries, these monumental works containing the bells. There is that of Saint-Quentin, this city was one of the first in France to have its belfry, symbol of the relative autonomy of the town compared to the lord or that of Rue which is classified in the world inheritance of the Unesco.

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Granville carnaval

From 1st to 5th March 2019 will be held the 145th carnival of Granville, in the English Channel! For two years now, the Carnaval de Granville has been inscribed on the list of the Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO! The carnival story is linked to the maritime history of Granville. At the time when cod fishing was the main activity of the port, boat departures took place around Mardi Gras. The carnival was their last party on land before going to sea ...

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Red ground

Ask a child in the south of Aveyron what color is the earth, he will not answer you brown, but red! Indeed, the soil of the whole region which is called Rougier de Camarès is composed of red argillite, rich in iron oxide which gives it its beautiful color creating unique landscapes.

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Autumn Aubrac

Why not go relax during the holidays of Toussaint in the highlands of Aubrac? These volcanic highlands of Auvergne are interspersed with rivers and waterfalls to discover.

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Reims and its cathedral

Like many cathedrals, Notre-Dame de Reims has undergone multiple stages in its construction. Restored during the twentieth century after the damage caused by the bombings of the 14-18 war, it is now majestic and is a centerpiece of tourism in Champagne. Its facade, its windows, its statues, its chapels ... reveal its long history with not less than 31 monarchs who were sacred within it. And a walk around the cathedral also allows beautiful discoveries.

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Chinon and its fortress

Due to its strategic position, its rocky outcrop, the fortress of Chinon imposes a lot. We can not forget that it is within its walls that Joan of Arc has recognized the dolphin Charles VII. But the city also has very ancient origins, evidenced by the troglodyte dwellings located on the banks of the Vienne.

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Rivau castel and its gardens

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Party of the apple

Autumn returns with its fruits and its traditional holidays. October 14, Revel in Isère will celebrate the apple, and its 20th anniversary. The fruit most consumed by the French will be transformed into juice by ancestral techniques.

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Like Toulouse rose, Albi also has its color, red. It is its bricks present on its cathedral and in its historical center which are at the origin. In 2010, it is the consecration with the classification at UNESCO of the episcopal center including the cathedral, but also the palace of Berbie, the Old Bridge and the banks of the Tarn.

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Peyrepetuse: Perpetually Cathar

This Cathar castle has already attracted more than three million visitors in thirty years. Among the five castles called the five sons of Carcassonne, it was the largest which earned him the nickname "Carcassonne celeste". Today, it is one of the places that the department of Aude has put forward for its candidature to the world heritage of humanity.

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In the heart of the Ecrins

La Meije, the lake of the shower, the glacier of Arsine .. so many places that belong to the Ecrins Mountains. Here it is in all seasons, under the white of the winter, the autumnal orange of the larches, the turquoise of its lakes in summer ...

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Alpine lake

The Alps have countless lakes. Everyone can find his happiness according to his preferences: wild or urbanized, accessible in a few steps or in a few hours, altitude or valley, tinged with blue or turquoise, natural or artificial ... All combinations are possible; it's up to you to discover the one that suits you!

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The sentinels of our coasts

From the oldest lighthouses on the Atlantic coast dating back to the 15th century, like the Lantern at La Rochelle until today, their rotating lights watch over our boats. It is the end of time when sailors were to beware of shipwreckers who, with lanterns around the donkeys' necks, mimed the lighthouses to make the ships fail better! With the means of geolocation, their roles have gradually deviated to tourism, every summer, thousands of brave climb their steps in search of beautiful panoramas!

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Courmayeur, the Skyway, the other side of Mont Blanc

Inaugurated in July 2015, this cable car gives access by the Italian side to the Mont Blanc massif and allows those who wish to join the Aiguille du Midi
From Italy. On this route, the intermediate stage of the Pointe Helbronner is a real pleasure of the eyes: Crystal gallery, panoramic terrace, breathtaking view
On the Mont Blanc of Tacul, the big Jorasse and many other heights.

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The end of the world

Discover the Finistère panoramic version.

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One of the most beautiful bays in the world from the sky ... in France

Follow the channeled Somme to its bay. The sea lilies are like purple lungs punctuating the salt meadows. Colors that have always been a source of inspiration for painters like Degas or Corot ...

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What to do during the long bridges that await us?

Discover the "most beautiful villages of France", 156, in 69 departments benefit from this label which celebrates its 35 years in 2017. Avoid the pitfalls of the village-museum without soul or, conversely, those of the "park of attraction "is the ambition of this association.

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Dans le Cher, on n'a pas la mer, mais on a des idées!

Graçay, 1500 inhabitants, in the center of France did not give up tourism. He declared himself the most funny village in the world. Its inhabitants have played with words and the whole village is dotted with humor: the Clause garden panel has been decked out with the "house" prefix, banknotes dry on top of agricultural credit ... a journey that Amuse young and old!

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The treasures of the Alpilles

The regional natural park of Alpilles is the last rocky outcrop in the north of the department of Bouches du Rhône before the great plain of Crau and the fertile delta of the mighty river. This small territory is full of treasures. Right next to the charming village of Saint Remy de Provence on the archaeological site of Glanum one can easily observe Gallo Roman monuments astonishingly well preserved. At Les Baux de Provence, we visit the vast and massive castle, carved out of the rock, a soft sandstone limestone. To access this large fortified platform we cross one of the most beautiful villages of Provence. Less known Calès site just above Lamanon also offers troglodyte habitats that were inhabited until the early twentieth century. A beautiful ride, flexible in the routes, to discover habitats in the rock, dozens of caves, natural arches and vestiges of chapels of the Middle Ages. All the surrounding hills are covered with olive trees, almond trees, fig trees and vineyards. The Alpilles are one of the most beautiful and quiet territories of the land of Provence.

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1001 visage du Mont

1001 face of the mount

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The yellow train: maintaining a small line

Every day, all year, the Yellow Train travels the 63km of line between Villefranche de Conflent and Latour de Carol, thus serving the 21 stations located on its route, along the valley of the Tet and the plain of Cerdagne . Its line, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, was inaugurated in 1910 with the aim of opening up the Catalan Pyrenees high townships. Possessing the highest station of the SNCF network, with Bolquère station located at 1593m above sea level, the yellow train and its line benefit from some peculiarities of which its gauge of rails of a meter (contrary to 1.435m "classic"), its power supply by third rail (and catenary) whose production is carried out by many hydroelectric facilities such as the famous dam Bouillouses. Famous, as 2 of its 29 bridges and viaducts, the bridge Séjournée overlooking the Têt 65m high or Cassagne bridge (now Gisclard), 15m higher. Falsely considered as a tourist train, because of its discovered wagon or its slow speed (between 30 and 40km / h), it is still to this day a TER of the Occitanie region, carrying nearly 400 000 travelers per year and allows to make the link between the Catalan Country and the Toulouse region via the Latour de Carol station. The successive struggles of railway workers and users for the survival of the line also marked the territory.

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Est-on bien en France

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Apocalypse... en Normandie

Apocalypse ... in Normandy

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Bretagne nocturne

Britain nocturne

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Préparez les vacances de Toussaint: Parc des Millevaches

Prepare the holidays of Toussaint: Parc des Millevaches

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Les quatre saisons du Hérisson

The four seasons of the Herisson falls

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Périllos: village fantôme

Perillos, ghost village

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Quatre heures de marche: quatre châteaux !

Four hours, four castle !

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Au coeur de la procession de la Sanch

Sanch Procession

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The chalets of 37.2 in the morning

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Daffodils feast

Tous les deux ans, à Gérardmer dans les Vosges, la ville se pare de jaune. Créée en 1935, elle avait pour but de dynamiser le commerce locale. Pari réussi, la prochaine se tient le 9 avril 2017.

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The lot and its "batch " of surprises

Tout le monde connait Rocamadour sur son impressionnant rocher. Mais qui a déjà visité Autoire, Cardaillac ou Loubressac, des villages du Lot pourtant classés dans les "Plus beaux villages de France". Détour dans ce département, agréable en toute saison.

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Bourges, in the heart of France, homeland of Naturimages!

Il n'y a pas que le "Printemps" à Bourges !

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The Seine, view from above

La Seine en aval de Paris présente ses méandres, ses ponts impressionnants, ses péniches, et sa vie active grâce à ses industries.

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La petite église qui attirait les japonais au coeur du Berry

Elle semble bien classique de l'extérieur, mais l'église de Chalivoy-Milon recèle un trésor, des fresques d'une grande finesse du 12ème. c'est un car de japonais arrivé en 2007 qui réveilla le petit village d'à peine 400 ames. aujourd'hui, il y a 700 visiteurs par ans, un succès plus important que le printemps de bourges! toutes proportions gardées.

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The Stone Ball

La Corse est le paradis de l'érosion délirante et de la géologie attractive avec des milliers de blocs de granite aux formes improbables. Les Calanche de Piana et ses pléthores de rochers aux milles contorsions ou à Bavella on découvre les Tafoni et ses centaines de trous et de fines dentelles.

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Another look at this island ... also discovered fauna and flora .

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Bunkers destiny

They are on all the coasts of France and even in the land, bunkers are part of our landscape, we do not even notice it anymore. Converted into shelters for bats, half destroyed by the waves, their destinies are different. Attention in the dunes, sometimes only son of rusty iron remain.

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Mythic Saint-Tropez

We know the side "jet set" of "St-trop", but do not forget that St. Tropez is also a citadel and was a fishing village ...

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The Rance: breton river

100km long, the Rance crosses the coast-d'Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine. From its source, it quickly takes the scale, then it is a channeled before resuming his freedom at its pier in the Channel moment.

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Lemon: her birthday in Menton and its transformation

In 2013, it will be the 80th anniversary of the lemon festival in Menton. February 16 to March 6, the city crumbles under the only decorations made ​​of citrus. At the same time, discover the recipe for limoncello, a liqueur made from lemons.

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Alps discover for children

What better than a theme park to entertain children during the summer holidays! But not just any one is unique is the Queyras Regional Park. Maia and Noah set off to explore this vast playground: observe marmots, build cabins, have fun along the rivers, etc. activities abound for their greatest joy.

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Storm over Paris

Paris by night, we know .. but the light that falls on the Eiffel Tower, it was necessary to seize the moment!

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Vercors mountain in winter

straddling the Drome and Isere, Vercors, massive regional park is a corner of the Alps protected from large winter rush.

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Kingdom of trees and water: The Sologne

Straddling three departments of the Centre, Sologne this one area in France. With over three thousand lakes created, mostly by man, a forest ubiquitous on almost three quarters of its surface, heath, wet meadows and bogs, it has built a strong image, very symbolic in the French imagination.

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Okabe cromlechs

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Sète, the Radiant Island

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Belle-Ile "The well-named" is not ready to change its name