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Decoral anodizing

Décoral anodization treatment is a company located in Haute-Savoie, which supplies the aeronautical and automotive industry with metal parts. It uses an electrolytic process allowing the formation of a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface to protect the metal. Décoral mainly works with aluminum, titanium and various alloys. Décoral is the winner of the aeronautics sector modernization fund. This company is a reprocessing station of the latest technology in ultrafiltration.

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Malagasy chocolate factory Robert

During Christmas time, what could be better than a good chocolate! Several times awarded for the quality of his chocolate, this Malagasy producer of chocolates produces around 550 tons of chocolate per year and owns 700 hectares of cocoa plantation in the north west of Madagascar. A part is exported to Europe, including France, America and Japan.

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Gabarre all! Sell ceramists along the Loire

"Gabarre all!" it is a project born from an idea of a somewhat crazy ceramist. Go down the Loire to sell its artisanal pottery as was done 150 years ago. The adventure took place in July with four ceramists, a sailor and a bagpiper who animated the various markets. Along the way, fun with sharing with the children during a pottery workshop, but also pitfalls when it was necessary to take out the barge to pass a nuclear power plant.

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wood sawmill followed

The Scierie Quewet in Belgium is specialized in the sawing, drying and planing of your timber and in the sale of finished oak product. But above all, it is part of the "Bois local" brand which allows the wood to be traced. The consumer can easily identify each producer thanks to his number present on the products.

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Metamorphosis of juniper

Houlle's juniper is a grain brandy flavored during distillation with juniper berries. Its particularity lies in the choice of cereals: barley malt, rye, oats; only three of the seven allowed. The distillery has existed since 1812, it flourished thanks in particular to the Houlle, the river which gave its name, which allowed the transport of the coal necessary for the operation of the distillery.

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Madagascar Brewery

The STAR Madagascar Brewery (STAR for "Société Tananarivienne de refrigeration") is the first brewery in Madagascar founded in 1947 by the company La Rochefortaise. It produces the main Malagasy beer, Three Horses Beer (THB).

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Port life

At the ports of Saint-Nazaire and Le Havre, there are three major maritime alliances, 2M, the Ocean Alliance and the Allance, provided the commercial link for the five continents. Reachstackers, tugmasters ..., allow you to load and unload large boats.

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Brewery Akerbeltz

Jean François Iraola, who created in 1999 the craft brewery ‘’ Akerbeltz au ’in Ascain in the Basque Country is above all a true lover of beer. Nourished by his travels elsewhere in the world where he was able to discover different ways of making this drink, he is keen to produce quality beer in various flavors. Thus ‘’ Akerbeltz Blanche Xuria ‘’ won the gold medal at the Paris Agricultural Competition in 2015.

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A new grocery store is created during the pandemic

No question for Nathalie Calandroni, 47, not to open her grocery store when there is the epidemic of coronavirus! The work is not finished, the shelves are not yet well stocked, the cold room has not yet arrived, nor the cash register, it still opened to help the inhabitants of this village of 1000 inhabitants in full heart of France. Some people fear going to supermarkets and even if she does not have everything on site, Nathalie calls on her producers to be able to be delivered during the day. No question either of cutting corners on its values, it works with organic and local producers and distribution in bulk is planned.

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Bowyer from Waymapi tribe in French Guyana

Far in the Amazon forest, tribes still live more or less isolated and cut off from the modern world. The Wayampi (or Wayapi) are part of it. These Amerindians came from Brazil, moved north to flee the advance of the conquistadors and other 'Columbus', and arrived in Guyana around 1790. They are a hunter-gatherer people and ultimately cultivate only a few foods, mainly cassava which is the basis of their diet. If nowadays they mainly hunt with a rifle, the bow has long been the weapon of choice among the Wayampi.

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Tsukiji market in Tokyo Japan

Food in Japan occupies as important a place as in our hexagon. To be convinced, a tour of the Tsukiji market in Tokyo is most instructive. It is the largest fish market in the world with its famous tuna auction. There are amazing products and a very special atmosphere. Funny fish but also funny rolling machines to transport them. There is a well-ordered effervescence here.
No mistake, we are in Japan, the land of manga and sushi.

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Savonnier: changement de vie

Eric Audouy, settled in Ariège, in the village of Lesparrou, has long dreamed of changing jobs. At age 52, a book donated by his daughter, will cause him to leave everything to become soap maker!
The fed up of chemicals, led him to make natural soaps in respect of the environment, he distributes them locally by making, mainly, the markets of the region, thus living, every step of his job. A beautiful story of reconversion: from dream to reality, to discover the job of soap maker!

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Ecoute la montagne

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Chez le chocolatier

Yves Landry, passionate master chocolatier, has been working in Gironde for more than 50 years. He works raw products such as chocolate, but also cherries, dried fruits ... to make delicious chocolates. He excels in the production of guinettes, the famous "guinettes bordelaise" entirely handmade.

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Cuba cigar

Beaches of white sand, beautiful American cars, street music, rum and cigars, it sounds very "cliche", but that sums up the island of Cuba. Since 2016 and the end of the reign of Fidel Castro, Cuba is in the midst of change and experiencing a booming tourism. Among the country's attractions is tobacco growing. Controlled by the State, the plantations are especially numerous in the province of Pinar el Rio which has the most famous of the country. The cultivation takes place from November to May and the leaves are then harvested and dried either in the sun or in tent-like wooden sheds covered with palm leaves. The making of cigars is then almost secret. The leaves are fermented and moistened in a bath whose family recipe is secret, usually flavored with rum and different spices and give the cigars a unique flavor. Tobacco is collected on farms to be transported to highly controlled state factories. The cigars are then rolled by hand according to a very precise process. The size, the diameter, the tightening of the cigar and the assembly of different parts of the leaves of tobacco are the guarantee of the quality of the Cuban cigar.

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Oyster farming at Thau lagoon

The oyster farm in Elisabeth is a small family farm. It is located in Meze on the edge of the pond of Thau. Elisabeth and her husband raise their oysters along their lines, always in good humor.

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Milk of Laguiole: a cooperative cooperative

The Jeune Montagne de Laguiole cooperative is not only a collector of milk to make the famous cheeses Aligot, Tome cool, Laguiole A.O.P. With raw and whole milk, it is also a fair cooperative that pays its 76 producers at the right price and is entirely run by 18 of them. Here in photos, the discovery of the manufacture of Laguiole step by step.

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Salt from Ré Island

On the island of Ré and more specifically in Ars-en-Ré, in April the salt workers prepare the basins for the harvest of coarse salt but especially the fleur de sel in the following June. This report shows a traditional and ancestral method where all harvesting is done by hand. In the basins, salt workers tirelessly scrape the water to bring salt to the edge in small piles that will be picked up and the organic salt will be sold in the natural state, without any treatment or addition of any additive.

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Here is a journey from our French forests and ends on the tip of our nose. It is the company In'Bô which proposes it through the manufacture of its wooden glasses made in Vosges! Five buddies promoting the ENSTIB Epinal have led their study project to the creation of business and the marketing of pairs of glasses made in France!

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Jade Market, a controversial market

Burma is a major producer of Jade Stone. The extracted Jade is the jadeite, the rarest and most precious of the jades, it is a sodium silicate and aluminium of the group of Pyroxenes. Mandalay, in Upper Burma, is located close to the northern Forbidden Zone (Kachin state) where the mines are located and is therefore a high point of the jade trade.

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Verriers de père en fils

Robert Pierini gave the work of the blown glass to the cane in the 80s in the Alpes-Maritimes. As a representative of the art of glass, his works are also part of major collections around the world. His son Antoine naturally followed him!

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Un œnologue au service des viticulteurs

Daniel Peraldi, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, assists and advises winegrowers in the production of their wines: He analyzes the grapes, checks their maturity and recommends the harvest period, proposes the assemblages to make, tasted regularly to monitor the wine aging ...

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100 ans du grenat

100 years of garnet

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Les "gaulois" de Perpignan

The "Gauls" of Perpignan

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Un shaper dans un shaperoom...

A shaper in a shaperoom ...

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From the ironwork for particular to the professional

Bruno Goury a commencé pour les particuliers avant de forger des pièces pour le monde du spectacle comme pour le film de Jean-Marie Poiré "Les visiteurs". Suivez la réalisation de la pièce "l'homme d'orchestre" dans son atelier bourguignon.

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Matis, former Parisian hairdresser, neo-rural!

Matis Lesne, ancien coiffeur pour dame, à Paris et ex-68ard a changé totalement de vie. Il est devenu éleveur de brebis à Tordères dans les pyrénées-orientales, c'est un néorural.

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In the earth

Le site de Mina Defensa, de très grande richesse en minerai, exploite aussi bien le cuivre que l'or. Ici aucun traitement chimique, contrairement à de nombreuses autres raffineries.

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Marine carpenter

à Ciboure dans le pays basque, les hommes s'affairent sur des vieilles barques, qui par leurs mains retrouvent une seconde jeunesse.

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The soap of Marseille is discovered

Depuis 1828, les savons de Rampal Latour parfument les français. c'est une des plus anciennes savonnerie française, qui a eu la médaille d'or à l'exposition universelle de 1900. L'usine de Salon-en-Provence se visite.

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How are the calissons of Aix manufactured?

À base de sucre, de poudre d'amande et de melon confit, cette confiserie qui remonterait au 12ème siècle a une préparation longue et des ingrédients chers. Une confiserie de luxe

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Conversion in the Herboresterie

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Life change

Stéphanie Tahon, originaire de Calais était guide touristique puis bibliothécaire avant de changer de vie, s'installer à la Tour de France, dans les Pyrénées et devenir créatrice de meubles en carton en montant sa société Délicart. Un grand écart géographique et professionnel!

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Birth of a hoof

Le sabot, de l'histoire ancienne? Dans le Morvan, il existe encore des sabotiers qui exerce leur profession avec les moyens modernes.

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AOC Saint-Joseph

Dans la Loire, suivez la vie du vignoble Saint-Joseph, sur les coteaux longeant le Rhône. De la vigne à la dégustation autour d'une bonne table!

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Conversion to Seniors: Pharmacist becomes cheese

Sophie Sola est une ancienne pharmacienne et une jeune néo-rurale, à Sahorre où elle produit de la Tome Catalane Bio, au lait de vache.

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Recycling of wrecks in Madagascar

Les épaves du cimetière à bateaux de Majunga ne rouillent pas paisiblement sous soleil Malgache. En effet, des équipes d’ouvriers les démantèlent afin de récupérer l’acier. Les épaves renaissent alors sous forme d'outils, d'ustensiles divers et variés, d'objets d'art.

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Branda feast

A Gorbio,dans les alpes-maritimes, pendant la fête de la branda, le bouilleur de crue montre au visiteur comment réaliser cet alcool à base de marc de raisin.

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Shepherd: A week away from the world

Métier de rêve pour certains, cauchemar pour d'autres, être berger est un choix. Ce jeune couple part pour une semaine sur les hauteurs des Hautes-Alpes pour s'occuper de leur troupeau. Soins à base d'argile, désinfections des plaies, ce travail n'est pas de tout repos.

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The Guardians under the Storm of Camargue

Des gardians camarguais s'occupent de leur chevaux. Une jeune fille est parmi eux, elle monte à cru. Une ambiance fin du monde règne sur la Camargue.

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Maritime High School: CAP Seaman

Au pays basque, les lycéens passent le CAP matelot. Le sextant et la réalisation des filets n'auront plus de secret pour eux.

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Boilers in Berry

Berry, flood boilers manufactures a " calvados " Local and plum. The fruits are prepared on a bed of straw .

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Paradise for ceramicists : lost in the Berry

The Borne, 200 lost Souls In Berry, corn Two hours from Paris : 80 potters and ceramists work there! Two museums AND UN Centre contemporary ceramics!

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Cutlery since 1653 !

A Nontron Dordogne, cutlery has adapted an ancestral know -how in today's world. These are 16 people who work there, but every time the knife is assembled by one person . The company opens its doors to the public during opening hours.

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Worshop weawers

The workshop weavers Toiles du Soleil , Saint- Laurent de Cerdans is a brilliant subject. Colors, lights, textures, everything comes together to make the lives of 29 employees of the aesthetic . The company exports Catalan culture globally. A shop in Paris , Moscow, New York and 7 in Japan!

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Renaud, basket-maker

At the heart of the Amazon rainforest , Renaud part of Indian Wayampi looking for AROUMAN . This plant allows it to weave sieve cassava , another specialty of Guyana !

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French knife production

A Laguiole tradition of knife production continues, Made in France !

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Pottery made in France

Founded in 1950, The Earth as T workshop offers a traditional pottery, a respect for knowledge; manufactured in France in the workshop, street Reymonds Dieulefit in the Drome.

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Alsace apple juice

A gei , season apple juice will begin. The crushed apples are arranged in a canvas, which when folded allow the juices to flow . These fabrics are superposed and separated wooden grids on the principle of "sandwich" .

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Alpilles oil

30,000 olive trees in Aureille bouches-du- Rhône .. what to do with olive oil mill Aureille , in operation since 1980.

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Roussillon and Rivesaltes vines

Macabeo and Grenache grapes are living side by side Passa in the Pyrenees -Orientales. The grapes are processed by the cooperative Passa that produces AOC Côtes du Roussillon, Rivesaltes and Muscat de Rivesaltes .

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Sheep shearing contest

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Mediterranean boats

The workshop Paulilles mission the preservation and development of boats and fishing gear value and pleasure . The team performs a thorough research work to achieve the restoration of traditional way. Partly open to the public, the purpose of this workshop is to convey an intangible heritage , know-how ...

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Manual work at Madagascar

To provide additional income, many Malagasy make bricks. Physical and repetitive activity, even children are harnessed.

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Picardie honey

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The biggest whiskey distillery in the world

La distillerie Laphroaig, spécialisé dans le whisky tourbé est une des plus complète d'Ecosse grace à sa malterie et son warehouse, elle couvre tous ses besoins, excepté ceux en orge importé de la région d'Aberdeen. Situé en bord d'océan, sur l'Isle d'Islay, elle profite de ce climat maritime pour donner une saveur iodé et médicinale à ses produits.

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Mediterranean oyster

Philippe Mahieu and her partner raise oysters in Port la Nouvelle in Aude. This changes Breton oysters or Marennes Oléron.

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When disability crosses the whip luxury

The ESAT (Establishment and services through Work) of Micocouliers employs workers with disabilities in Sorède in the Pyrenees. His fame comes from the realization of whips and crops in Hackberry. They have as a client a luxury brand (as a subcontractor) and many circuses (for whips his "cowboy").

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The art of violin factor

Discover all the stages of making a violin. Drying the board to the finished product.

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Exploitation of algae in Senegal

Harvesting, drying, follow the steps in the use of algae.

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A wild boar, is it just an animal?

And no, it is also a lifter strap! The boar fee of spruce forest strips. They are used to make boxes that surround the "Mont d'Or" cheese made ​​in the Jura.

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Abel Company: oak cork stopper

Since 1936, the company Abel in the Eastern Pyrenees manufactures plugs. Of peeling, boiling, which consists of immersing the plates in water at 100 °, the casing, they finally optically and manually sorted before being marked.

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Making a alphorn

In Switzerland, follow the manufacture of this instrument of music typical.

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Angora goat

Into the fold in Racine (Quebec) Angora goats are shorn in winter. Wool after sorting is used for the production of mohair. Goats are shorn before farrowing and early spring outings.

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Roussillon ochres

The houses, the works, the ochres of Vaucluse are present. Discover the factory where are prepared ocher.

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A ti-punch?

Production of essential French Antilles, the rum, from the distillation of sugar cane rum differs called "industrial" end of the molasses, sugar residue. Discovery of the cut which is generally mechanized or manual for difficult terrain, and distillation.

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The roses in the field of Manon

In Grasse, the perfume of the country, the area cultivated rose Manon centifolia also called "Rose of May". This is a landmark of the country rose from Grasse.

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Collection of traditional sea asparagus in the Somme Bay

Salicornia, this little plant is eaten as a vegetable or condiment is harvested by professional fishermen on foot. The bags are returned salicornia on bikes without a saddle. The crop should then be winnowed to remove the "tassels", mixed with other plant glasswort. Here is the oldest fishermen walk from the Bay and the youngest woman in this occupation.

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When the ship comes to life

The model boats are created before our eyes in a small factory in Brittany.

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Rosa for perfume

Pégomas is a village in Provence (France south). Farmers cultivate rosa "Centifolia" to realize the famous "N°5" from Chanel.

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Blacksmith specializing in Corsican knives

Kevin Muzikar, Cutler, has a passion for Corsican knives. Made of laminated steel damask in his studio, their sleeves are made ​​from goat's horn.

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A winemaker in action

Mireille Martin manages the field of Anticaille in the Bouches du Rhone, an activity that is not easy.

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Bread Festival

Every June, the village of Labastide Penne in Tarn et Garonne reopens old bread oven to find the flavors of yesteryear.

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In the Hall of Fragonard

The nose of the Fragonard perfumery in Grasse working diligently to create new scents .. to think for Valentine's Day!

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The Bouchots of the Somme (in the North of France)

We are in the middle of the season for mussels, which lasts until mid-February. A Quend in the Somme, the mussel spat are cleaned and is fixed. Mussels may thus be developed with the tides.

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Foie gras from the Gers in the former

Irene and Stephen are peaceful retirees who continue to raise agricultural / fill / kill their ducks. They prepare the foie gras, but also the breasts, and Needles "sanguete" traditional dish using the duck's blood, to the delight locals.

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Snow come !

A lot of work ahead for the men working at night to shovel the villages of the Loire.

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Secrets of cotton

Follow the cotton sector in Africa, from cultivation to export.

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In search of truffles

In the lot, in the south of France, it scans the ground in search of truffles with a pig or dog.

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Secrets of Gold in Chile

The extraction of an ingot casting. ... the various stages of gold from the bowels of the earth to mine safe form of ingot. Highly toxic mercury process.

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Cider Season

Of apple cider in a cider in the Rhone.

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Visit a traditional pottery workshop in Morocco.

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The fisherman of Lake Geneva

It's a passion passed down from father to son-net fishing on Lake Geneva. Pike, arctic char, perch, trout, Feras, monkfish and crayfish are the appointment of Serge in the traps. For 25 years he engaged in this business, has seen a significant reduction of char ...

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Arrow burned, the shepherd Inconvenient

At the foot of Mont Sainte Victoire, Arrow Burned installed his tipi and his three hundred goats Robinson as creating his own company but ... A green horse and very often alone, he maintains seven days the woods to fight against Fire ... The Indian shepherd free disturbs the leaders of the neighboring town, one of the richest countries of Aachen.

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Flounder fishery: a taste of holidays!

A shed on stilts, and this is the dip that juts into the Gironde estuary. Fisheries conducted using a wide net that goes white shrimp, mullet or eel.

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The journey of coffee

Viet Nam is a leading producer of coffee, it produces practical and drying of coffee, including robusta. It is found in some shops in Paris where he is still roasted just before the sale.

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Visit a small cider mill in the Swiss Jura.

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A ride with the fishermen of Oleron

The port on Cotinière Oléron is the last port of the island to fish. From there, all the fish that feed tourists and the mainland.

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Nomadic shearers: Naked girls!

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Picodon road

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Traditional slaughter in the countryside

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Potter of Romania

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Nut oil

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Pruning in sweet size, the Championship

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Woodworking at the service of music

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The return of Lavender

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Bread: The tradition found