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A mini lynx at home!

Large size, plumes in the ears, this big cat named Maine-coon, native of Maine, in the United States impresses, recalling our wild Lynx. The origin of the "coon" is just as absurd, a legend says that the Maine-coon is the result of a cross with the raccoon whose "coon" is a diminutive of racoon which is its English name!

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Not the same !

There are so many breeds of dogs that we present you only portraits: one portrait per breed and only breeds of shepherd or hunting dogs with sometimes exotic names: everyone knows the German Shepherd, but there is also Belgian, Australian and even Catalan shepherds!

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Australian Shepherd

Belonging to the great family of sheepdogs, the Australian Shepherd is both a working dog and a dog that integrates well with the family life of the man. He loves to play, to the sea he gives himself thoroughly! Be careful with his name, this dog is not native to Australia but from the Basque Country!

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Physiotherapy for horses

Claire Obert introduces us to the physiotherapy she practices on horses, based on ancestral methods, using natural elements such as water, cold, heat, magnetic waves, electric currents, algae clay ... to complete the action of the hand in the care through the massage. Their interest is multiple: shortening of the warm-up phase and recovery during exercise, during a pre-operative and post-operative period ...

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La plage pour les animaux maltraités

While everyone is on vacation, in Saint-Palais-sur-Mer in Charente-Maritime, the abused animals also benefit from a well-deserved recuperation thanks to the association ALMA (Association against Animal Abuse), created in 2015. Her president regularly takes the survivors to the beach.

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Épilé pour la plage?

All on the beach, whether we are hairy ... or naked ... our friends animals are also entitled to take a vacation!

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Chats errants de Ciboure

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Les chiens grecs

The greeks dogs

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Have a wolf dog at home?

Est-ce possible ? tout dépend du degré de « loup » qui est présent dans l’animal. Il existe des races standardisées comme le chien loup tchécoslovaque ou de Saarloos. Ces deux races sont acceptées, ce qui n’est pas le cas des « hybrides » qui ont plus de « loup »en eux. En 2014, un refuge qui commercialisait des hybrides. Les animaux sont arrivés dans des familles mais ils sont menacés.

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Behind the scenes of a veterinarian

Voici le quotidien d'une jeune vétérinaire installée au Pays Basque. Du vieux chat de 17 ans à l'ablation des ovaires d'une jeune chienne, sa journée est bien pleine.

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Elvira, blind and athletics champion and her dog

Ces deux chiens ont été formé à l'école de dressage et d'apprentissage située en Seine et Marne.Elvira, championne d'athlétisme démontre comment son chien l'aide dans la vie de tous les jours. Concentrés lors de leur travail, ils sont capables de jouer comme des chiens tout à fait normaux. Bien sûr des liens forts se tissent entre l'"animal" et l'humain, chargés de complicité et d'émotion.

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Cat castration

Three males are vet to be neutered.

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Sabou, a funny pet!

Noelle Bruno rose and a lodge in South Africa. In 2009, they welcome Sabou, a cheetah 3 weeks old .. To this day the little family was expropriated for the exploitation of mineral reserves in their basements ...

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Henson horse breed: typic horse from north of France

Henson horse breed was created in 70's. We see today this horse in Somme's bay marsh.

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Greyhound racing

Whippet Greyhounds rush to build on the racetrack in the Gironde.

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This is the story of a cat and a duck

Diva the kitten was raised with the duckling del Popolo. A strong friendship resulting! They bother each other, Popol picnic food in the bowl of Diva which in turn tries to tease duck without falling into the water!

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Breaking prejudice with the BOA

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A snake with your colors