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Îles Ioniennes

Among the seven islands that make up this archipelago, take a quick tour of those of Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Lefkada and Corfu in October. The latter is home to Sissi's palace, L’Achilleion, where she came to enjoy the milder climate than in Austria!

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Salines d'Añana

The saltworks of Anana, in the Spanish Basque country, have 6,500 years of history behind them! Visitors walk through an unusual cultural landscape discovering the network of wooden canals carrying salt water. The site is in the process of being requested for UNESCO classification.

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Cool off on the Lofoten Islands

It is so hot that it is good to imagine distant landscapes, the Lofoten Islands in Norway in winter! The rough sea does not cool the brave surfer, the fishing port of Reine, one of the most famous places of the islands, is even more beautiful under a blanket of snow. The fjords welcome the Northern Lights ...

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The island of Tasmania is a treasure of landscapes, spread over many national parks, nature reserves ... Freycinet Park has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with its red and pink granites, that of Tasman has the site of Totem Pole, with its peaks of dolerite by the sea. The Saint-Columba Falls nature reserve is covered with paradisiacal humid forest with a "tropical" aspect and yet well tempered! Southern lights, garlands of glowworms in a cave bring unforgettable colors to this land so far from us ...

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The Stora Sjöfallet National Park, exists since 1909, it is one of the first created in Europe. The park has one of the largest dam lakes in Sweden, the Akkajaure. Despite its size, it turns ice in winter and offers the photographer beautiful images.

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Almeria, the mirror of the Mediterranean

The province of Almeria, “the mirror of the sea” in Arabic, in the south of Andalusia is already a gateway to the Maghreb with The Monsul dunes. The Almadraba lagoon with its church also offers surprising landscapes. A discovery in a motorhome in the fall of 2020.

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Ethiopia and its ethnicities

Ethiopia is a melting pot of ethnic groups: the Tsamay, Hamer, Mursis, Dassanech ... or the monks of Debre Damo who are Tigers, living in the Tigray region which is at the heart of the news. One of the other regions of Ethiopia is called the Southern Nations and Nationalities and Peoples Region, which reflects the large number of language groups that inhabit it.

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Bardenas Reales: a desert in Europe

Attention change of continent! An enclave in the north of Spain (therefore not far from France) takes us to the American deserts. Here, erosion has become an artist creating fairy chimneys like that of the "earthen castle", the castil de tierra. No inhabitant, except sheep and a few farmers ... some trails passable by car or bicycle. We find there an atmosphere of western, normal when we learn that many films have been shot there, notably James Bond or Game of Thrones.

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Antarctica, the continent of animals

After his book on Quebec, the Franco-Canadian Benjamin Dy introduces the Antarctic, where he has already been for three southern summers. Despite an icy landscape, he captured the vibrant wildlife of the Fifth Continent. over there, the animals are the kings, not the men!

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Vall de Boi - world heritage

Descend to the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, in Catalonia, and you will come across nine Romanesque churches, long ignored and which are now classified as World Heritage. Steeples of impressive size and beautiful frescoes make it a surprising stopover.

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Malta nature and landscape

Among the eight islands of Malta, the island of Gozo brings its landscapes which change with the light: the salt basins have variations in color. The largest, the island of Malta itself is the most urban with the capital, Valletta and the port of Marsaxlokk. But nature is present with chameleons, and various flowers such as euphorbias, orchids, oxalis ...

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Yabusame horse archery in Japan

Japan is a country proud of its traditions among which rank the tea ceremony, ikebana, martial arts, and the one that interests us now namely Yabusame, this singular form of archery on horseback inherited from the time of the samurai. However, it would be reductive to see only the warlike aspect. To simplify, we can say that Yabusame is defined on the one hand as a Shinto ritual and on the other hand as a martial art. In all likelihood, the Yabusame has plural origins: an imperial court game, warrior training, and religious ritual to attract the favors of the deities. Archers are not paid and aim only for honors. The best in terms of result will be awarded a white garment symbol of divine purity. As a sign of the times, the less skilful are no longer required to sacrifice themselves by Seppuku (Hara kiri).

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Ocean pacific's atlantis in Yonaguni Okinawa

Yonaguni is the most southwestern island in Japan. Formerly an independent archipelago (Ryu kyu), there is a particular culture and an astonishing underwater archaeological site discovered by Kihachiro Aratake, a modest handicapped diver.

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Seychelles nature

From islands set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles offer dream beaches, seabed colored with myriads of fish and graceful birds.

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Bonaire Island

In the ABC Islands, I would like the B, as Bonaire! with Aruba and Curacao, Bonaire is part of the Lesser Antilles. Old slave land, one still finds their houses, and the saltworks in which they worked. But life unfolds abundantly in the sea between shipwrecks.

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Baïkal lake

Lake Baikal is the largest reserve of fresh liquid water on the surface of the earth. But this liquid immensity turns into an incredible ice desert in winter. The hikes that can be done then, by car, ice skating or on foot, and which bring shamanic sites into meteorological stations just out of the Soviet era, in a maze of ice shapes and multiple colors, bring into an unusual world where man has a hard time finding a place.

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Stroll under the banks of the Liffey River, discover the famine memorial, visit St. Patrick's Church, tour the pubs .. here is the program for a weekend in Dublin, the capital of Ireland.

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Musée sous-marin !

Sculptors, there are thousands of them all over the world, but who immerses their works in the ocean, they are very few! This is the case of Jason Decaires Taylor who offers divers in five locations around the world his sculptures. Here, in the Canaries, the show is for the most experienced, because they are 14 meters deep, unlike other places where the exhibition is not more than eight meters. Jason presents current topics such as the Lampedusa raft that resembles the famous Raft of the Medusa ...

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Autumn in Catalonia

Catalonia is not only Barcelona and its beaches, it is also a natural park, that of Montseny. Located only 50 km from Barcelona, its beechwood forest takes on some stunning colors in the fall. In 1978, UNESCO incorporated El Montseny into the worldwide network of MAB Biosphere Reserves. The Spanish David Jerez makes us discover this magical place.

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Krka in Croatia: water park

the name of the park Krka is very difficult to pronounce for our French palaces, on the other hand its landscapes are softer to our eyes. The Krka River winds two-thirds of its length in karstic canyons. Water mills punctuate and before flowing into the Adriatic, it grows as it can accommodate a monastery located on an island!

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Forollhogna under the autumn lights

Uncrowded, the Norwegian mountains of Forollhogna National Park combine highland plateaus with rounded summits. They offer a real peace to their guests. If luck is there, it is even possible to observe wild reindeer, the park counting the largest herd of Norway. Autumn is undoubtedly one of the best times to discover these vast expanses: the bright colors of the vegetation and the aurora borealis compensate the short days and the first cold.

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Crete of the Cretan regime

Everyone is talking about the Cretan diet, when is it on the spot? Crete has about 35 million olive trees, almost five times more than inhabitants! Olive oil flows freely! The vine is also present, like honey. But what is also important for this Greek island is the high rate of endemism: in its diversified environments, many plants and animals are found only in Crete. A biodiversity that she learns to protect.

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Singapore, the multicultural city-state

Despite the modernity and the great emblematic buildings of banks and finance, many neighborhoods have kept the authenticity of the first occupants.
At the crossroads of trade routes and located near the Strait of Malaka, the city has preserved the footprint of Chinese, Indian, English and even has some art deco buildings.

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Monstrueuses forges de Vulcain

The Aeolian islands have sprung up in the Mediterranean, like so many Vulcan forges. These seven volcanoes are the delight of geology enthusiasts, they are listed as World Heritage by Unesco. Vulcano Island is home to Fossa di Vulcano, whose crater can be reached after a 45-minute walk. it is forbidden to go down because the gases are toxic. On its flanks, the slags formed monstrous forms like so many workers of the Vulcan forges!

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Drôle de falaise

Zumaia is on the Basque Basque coast. Its cliffs expose the ocean to its impressive vertical strata, and when the sea recedes, it is a great platform of abrasion that appears.

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South Africa rerserves

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Moeraki boulders

There is a beach in New Zealand that unbridles the imagination. Spheres of stone the size of a cannonball more than three meters in diameter submit to the most far-fetched assumptions: dinosaur eggs, skulls of buried giants, giant game balls ... extraterrestrial objects!

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The tip of Skagen, to meet two seas, Denmark

Skagen is a hotspot for Danish tourism. Every year, in the far north of Jutland, thousands of visitors come to this peninsula, which has grown to one kilometer during the twentieth century. At the very end of the tip, Grenen, a sandy tongue where the waves of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea clash in a daily battle. Tourists like to photograph this amazing phenomenon. South-west of Skagen, inland and one kilometer from the coast, the Räbjerg Mile dune moves about ten meters a year ...

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Hiking along the water in Madeira

The levada da Encumeada is part of the network of "levadas" of the island of Madeira. These irrigation canals that run through all the mountains of the island are also incredible hiking trails. From the pass "boca da Encumeada", this levada travels along the mountainsides, under lush vegetation. In places, the rock is pierced by long tunnels that must be borrowed by curving, to lead into the forest of laurels and "lily trees", the folhados, who gave their name to this part of the island : the folhadal.

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Sao Lourenço

The vereda (the path in Portuguese) of the Ponta de Sao Lourenço is a seaside hike on the eastern tip of Madeira. On an essentially volcanic relief, where the basalt veins rub shoulders with "volcanic bombs" and other pyroclastic rocks, stretches a path leading the walker to the summit of the pico do Furado, where he can see the lighthouse of the Ilot Farol and the desertas islands. It is an arid environment very different from the green forests of the rest of the island.

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Winter in the Chinese Altay

Xinjiang (Altay), a country in a country. Many provinces in China are similar to this model, namely a strong independence and its own culture. But Xinjiang is particularly unique because of its strong ethnic mix. This region has no less than 7 common borders and is at the center of the complex history that shaped Central Asia over the last two millennia. Today, the result is an extraordinary pluriculturalism that directly bears witness to the various population movements.
Northern China is a historically complex place and still today politically. This journey into the far north of China plunges us back in, as if caught up in the past. This region locally holds several ethnicities with certain languages ​​that we will not necessarily find in the city next door.

Thibaut Marot's journey begins in the city of Urumqi, the largest city in Xinjiang but a small town on the scale of Chinese territory. In Buerqin there are already more Kazakhes and pushing all the way north to the village of Hému, close to the Mongolian border, there are no less than 4 ethnic groups: the Hans, the Kazaks, the Mongols and the Tuvas (that it is found only in 3 villages). Genghis Khan would have left these in the region leaving China ...
So here we are in Hému in the far north of Xinjiang in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. However since 1949, this territory is no longer so autumn and is firmly in the hands of the Pekingese power. The political and interethnic tensions are less increased than in recent decades but the military presence even in this small mountain village and the surveillance cameras remind us where we put our feet ...

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Asiatic market

The markets of Asia present a warm atmosphere, a richness and a surprising diversity, incredible places like the Victorian architecture for the Mahatma phule market in Mumbai or the waterfront in Kota Kinabalu ... Asia has so much variety in its markets than in the countries that make it up from the classic food or floral market to the surprising bird market in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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Hiver en Islande

Most tourists visit Iceland in summer and yet winter offers this country a show of lights and color. In addition, the climate is not so cold! Thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys an oceanic climate and is largely unaffected by the influence of polar currents. The Icelandic winter is finally relatively mild and the average temperatures are rarely below -5 ° C along the coast.

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Carnaval de Bâle

The Basel carnival is Switzerland's biggest folk festival, bringing together more than 15,000 costumed people. The party begins on Monday after Ash Wednesday, at four o'clock in the morning! it's the kickoff: Morgestraich. Pipes and drums in charivari - in costumes and individual masks - with a small light on the head are set in motion to furrow, playing music, the heart of the city shrouded in darkness

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On the other side: Liguria

Menton, last French city on the Côte-d'Azur, cross the border and here you are in Liguria, appreciated by the French. The villages are perched on steep slopes, the climate is mild in all seasons. Who does not know the Mediterranean "Riviera"? it is in fact a term coming from the Ligurian language, the Riviera is essentially based in Liguria, very little in France!

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Discovering the Krakatoa child

The Krakatoa is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It is located in Indonesia in the Strait of the probe between the islands of Java and Sumatra. Two children aged 9 and 12 left to discover the Unjung Kulon Natural Park, home to the Anak Krakatoa (child of the Krakatoa). They found a recent island bordered by black sand and lava, covered with different kinds of lava stones and endemic vegetation.

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From sunrise to sunset in the park of Bromo Tengger Semeru

The Tenegger Caldera is home to three volcanoes, two of which are currently active (Bromo and Semeru). Two children (9 and 12 years old) were able to browse this site for a whole day. They were able to climb the sandy slopes of Bromo to its peak where they discovered the crater of the volcano spitting its ashes.

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Trop chaud? partez en Islande!

Dazzling landscapes, the freshness of the glacial lakes (but the heat of the geysers!), A winged nature and flowers ... we are far from the beaches of the south of France!

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Vie à Madagascar

A wide shot on this gigantic island, his daily life, his religious life, his trades ...

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le printemps à New-York

The buds burst, the boulevards empty to give way to joggers, it is good to stroll in New York!

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Europa: paradise for military

Europa is far from Europe, located between Madagascar and Africa. On several occasions settlers lived there and we still see kids who have returned to the wild. Today, there is only one detachment of soldiers.

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Namibie, eldorado touristique

Former German colony, then province of South Africa, fragments of this history is found in architecture and populations. Namibia is also rich in landscapes with the Namib Desert and its "ghost" trees.

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La région du Lavaux en Suisse fête ses dix ans à l'Unesco

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Juan de Nova, paradise for nature

Juan de Nova, the paradise for nature

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Kerguelen: former whaling port - return of nature

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L'Australie: une France en plus grand

Australia: a bigger France

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Ethno-tourisme chez les Mentawais

Ethno-tourism among the Mentawans

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Balade aux rizières de Longji

Longji ride

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le "Petit Tibet"

The little Tibet

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Hôi an, une ville à visiter

Hôi an, a city to visit

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Phares: la lumière du monde

Lighthouses: the light of the world

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Soleil de minuit

Midnight sun

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Quebec celebrates its 400 years

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Nature and "Deer Stones" from Mongolia

Mille ans avant notre ère, des tribus mongoles ont érigé sur un vaste territoire des centaines de stèles ornées de gravures représentant principalement des cervidés, des armes et des figures géométriques "les pierres à cerfs". La Mission archéologique conjointe Monaco-Mongolie cherche à comprendre cette riche histoire.

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We find paradise !

Et il est bien sur Terre et non au ciel, au nord-ouest de Madagascar. 35 km de sable fin pour les îles Glorieuses, inhabitées. Un paradis qui culmine seulement à douze mètres au dessus de la mer.. Ce petit coin de France appartient aux Terres australes et Antarctiques françaises

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Viet-nam, water country

La mer est omniprésente par le biais du sel et de la pêche dans ce pays toujours souriant.

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There is not only the tower in Pisa

On l'oublie trop souvent mais la tour de Pise est le campanile de la cathédrale, le Duomo qui la jouxte. Mais il y a aussi le baptistère tout aussi impressionnant.

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Destination Island of Senja in Lapland

Sur l'île de Senja, dans le nord de la Norvège, les montagnes côtoient la mer. Une destination dont les aurores boréales et les rencontres avec les rennes éblouissent les touristes.

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Burma: Colors and smiles

Couleurs et sourire pour ce pays: ceux des petites vendeuses de jasmin ou des femmes girafe de l’ethnie Pagaung. Religion avec le bouddhisme omniprésent et ses moines qui font leur tournées quotidiennes pour l’aumône.

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Browse Cinque terre, steep Italy

Le parc national des Cinque Terre est une fine bande côtière entre Méditerranée et un relief très escarpé. Cinq communes composent cette étonnante entité composée d 'audacieuses cultures en terrasse et de villages perchés au ras des eaux. L'accès en voiture est très compliqué, c'est l'une des clefs de l'authenticité des lieux.

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The Monkey Banquet

A Lopburi en Thaïlande, il existe un jour que les singes attendent avec une impatience identique à celle des petits français qui attendent Noël: le 29 novembre. Ce jour là, un véritable banquet est organisé en leur honneur.

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Khirghistan colors

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Destination en vogue.

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Travel to Canada's borders

Baffin wishes .. once in Ottawa are three trips in small planes that are needed to achieve the 30 ° of this place inhabited by bears, guillemots, iceberg and tombs . story appeared in Camera Magazine.

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Compostelle... In Spain

Many embark on the road to Compostela in France , but once past the border, there are still many kilometers. To find the last straight line to Saint- Jacques de Compostelle.Quelle satisfaction to reach the end !

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This hike in the heart of the Oisans you discover the Meije, its fauna and flora.

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Scenery breathtaking.

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The snow is a little cool? hikers their hands to the ground and the natural heat of the volcano warm. Attention to not slide down in the ashes!

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Birds island

Birds Island is a small island 1.5km to 0.5km, it is essential to an eco-tourism holiday in Seychelles step. The birds are at home and do not hesitate to wake tourists!

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Bardena Blanca

Bardenas are located in the North of Spain. Bardena Blanca is the driest and one that best characterizes the Spanish desert. This Bardena owes its name to the color of the dotted white salt ground.

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Bali Algae

On the Bukit Peninsula , southern tip of the island of Bali , Indonesia , the people living on the coast, live aquaculture and fisheries . Depending on the tides , they harvest the algae or install new lines.

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Maïa and Noé discover Norway

Maia and Noah, 4 and 6 years, found Norway. They observed the fjords, explore the largest glacier in Europe and monumental waterfalls, romp in vast wilderness, discover the reindeer run in the flowery streets of Bergen and sleep in a hytter, these traditional Norwegian huts.

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Hokkaido, beautiful island

Nature avian winter frolics crane Japan, White-tailed Eagle, Steller's Sea ... But also men in relation to their nature, spa bath in the middle of the snow, ice fishing on lakes ...

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Spitsbergen: Land abandoned coal

Spitsbergen remains authentic adventure land. Its economic activity revolved almost exclusively on coal, operated by Norwegian and Russian. Hiking on the land Polar is not without constraint must be armed to protect themselves from possible attacks polar bear, so many on this archipelago that they have become an emblematic icon.

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Trek in the Hornstrandir and the Strandir in Islande

The Hornstrandir, located in the northernmost peninsula of Iceland is undoubtedly one of the wildest places of this volcanic island. On foot, in total autonomy, a couple goes through the full or 160km of rugged terrain in fourteen days with only traveling companions seals, arctic foxes and birds.

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Yosemite: scenery breathtaking

Located in eastern California, Yosemite National Park is characterized by granite domes and impressive waterfalls. Making it one of the most visited natural sites in the U.S..

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Ice in Seychelles

Sailors load bags of ice in a motor boat to take him to the fishing boat anchored offshore.

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Glacial lake Jokulsarlon

A small inflatable boat expedition to the heart of one of the jewels of Iceland, the glacial lake Jokulsarlon, icebergs, referring to the multiple forms in turn a chanterelle, a shark fin

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Chilean textile: a tradition that continues

In Chile, the highlands since pre-Hispanic textile tradition continues. These are the llamas and alpacas that provide the wool is processed into various clothes and belts that are virtually identical to those of the ancestors Atacameño.

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The Colorado Plateau

Canyons, deserts, badlands, mountains and volcanoes, nature concentrates a unique geological diversity. He saw the creation of a multitude of state or national park which are indispensable to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley. But others could be recognized as the cliffs of the Fisher Towers and the sand dunes of the Coral Pink Sand Dune.

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Scotland Dream

Isle of Skye, The Quiraing, Argyll and Bute, Loch Assynt .. so many places that Sebastien has immortalized in several visits.

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The carcasses of Chile

Although unlikely encounters take place in Chile: cows and horses are mummified by salt from the salt flats, giving them a very special appearance! Geese, dead dogs are sprayed with cyanide and hung on a fence in order to kill livestock predators ..

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On the trail of the Andean deserts

Atacama, Salar de Uyuni .. Lawrence Guérinaud photographer working in Sao Paulo (Brazil exhibitions and publications) gives us his photographic approach to these inhospitable regions located between 2000 and 7000m above sea level!

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The floating islands of Lake Titicaca

Floating Islands (Islas Uros) are constructed from light peat and a reed called totora. Everything on these islands, including the typical boats, was built in reeds. The inhabitants live exclusively from the sale of handicrafts they make.

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Chile from north to south

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Djibouti, the paradise of geologists

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Cappadocia in Snowshoes

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Live in the middle of Lake Titicaca

Since the Uros people disappeared in the 50s, it is the Aymaras of Puno who live in these curious islands in the middle of Lake Titicaca, which are about 40 years old. The islands, but also the houses and furniture are made from a reed called totora.