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Daniel Riffet was born in Paris in 1950. After obtaining a master's degree in geography, a postgraduate degree in applied geography and his first naval officer's rank, he discovered his passion for long-distance travel. This passion leads him to write a thesis on the organization of the rural area in Morocco (Taroudannt). Expert geographer at FAO (United Nations), he settled in 1976 in Cameroon to lead an experimental project concerning the monitoring of tropical forest cover using the Landsat satellite image. Passionate about photography and fully self-taught in what is both art and technique, he created the first color photo lab in Yaoundé in 1982. Back in Paris in 1989, he became a freelance photojournalist, specializing in military issues and photography. industrial world. It covers the Gulf War within the Foreign Legion, publishing on this occasion at Éditions Atlas three books of reports on this prestigious military institution. Wanting to continue this adventure, he joined the French battalion in Cambodia in 1991, discovering Southeast Asia. It is from this period that date his first images of Vietnam. Many trips to Vietnam bring him a deep knowledge of the country and a sincere love for the Vietnamese people, as evidenced by his book: "Vietnam, in the land of pearls of sweat" published in 2002. It is from this period that he travels the world, eager for discoveries, humanism too. A citizen of the world, he has become one thanks to his numerous travels around the world. By "rubbing his brains with those of others", he acquires a real modesty and also an understanding of the different civilizations that coexist on our beautiful blue ball. To show the beauty and diversity of the world and its civilizations, to show the daily work of men and women without any staging: this is his bias and he claims the subjectivity.



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