A firefighter by profession, he divides his time between his passion for photography and his family. Very early on, attracted by the plastic arts and nature, he spends much of his time drawing and traversing the Sierra de Guadarrama with his inseparable bike. He is attracted by the beauty of plants, birds, insects, mammals and by these wonderful landscapes of Madrid. . At the age of 12, his father lent him an Olympus camera, surprised to discover the possibility of freezing all that beauty in time. Without a doubt, photography would be the perfect combination of passion for nature and visual arts. He has not been able to develop his photographic activity until 2010, since then he has worked intensively on different disciplines of photography and personal projects. After having made exhibitions like the one of 2017 "Yebes 100% natural". He has also been rewarded in various photographic competitions such as Fotofio, the Amburtur Guadalajara Competition, the Delta Birding Festival, Fotonoja, Cádiz Photonature, among others.


colores otoñales y del mimbre, impresionismo



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