Passionate about travel

Initiated by his father to photography during holidays as a child, Dominique begins with images of mountain landscapes, his first visual "coup de coeur". Trained in film, he enjoys developing his own film, to find the right contrast, the right frame. With the years 2000, it is formed in digital and discovers a new and rich universe. Passionate about travel, his detours among the most beautiful places on the planet have only strengthened his curiosity and his desire to pursue the perfect image. This passion for the image turned naturally to the only subjects that do not betray themselves: landscapes and animals. The more the landscape or the animal is rare, the more adrenaline rises to try to make the unpublished photo, eternal research in our time when everything seems to have already been photographed. Fortunately, there remains the look of each, unique, and sensitivity that allow in certain moments of grace, to release the extraordinary beauty of a subject that seemed ordinary.



Jeunes hommes massai

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Bixa orellana

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Rocher sacré des masai