Dominique et Serge Soyez

Photographers/Dominique et Serge Soyez

"Today the weather conditions are excellent, I will be able to take the photographs which suit me, up there where I feel infinitely well ..." This is one of the typical days of Dominique who travels the Mountain, between Belledonne and Mercantour, with his (heavy) photographic material. "Through my photos, I want to share this freedom and well-being that I experience in the heart of the immaculate open spaces of the mountains, far, far from the crowd and mass tourism. I also want to contribute to the popularization of science of Earth and Life applied to the Mountain (geology, ecology, flora and fauna of the Alps). "As for Serge, of scientific training, he approaches the mountain with the need to know the" functioning "of nature. "My intellectual passions are to understand, learn and transmit."





Lac Miroir



Lac de Marinet grand