About us

Naturimages is a french library specializing in Nature, activities/crafts/leisures linked to nature, the environment and ecological house, sustainable development. We purpose reports too.

Leadership are from a scientific and naturalist background, their knowledge is an asset. We are also photographers with technical knowledge.

Created at the beginning 2007, Naturimages represents more than 500 amateur and professional photographers from around the world.

We have a freelance web and we can write a text on request.

Naturimages are a small group of 3 people. It has advantages : by being able to offer a more personal service.It also allows us to respond quicker to your requests!

Our team


Christophe worked on the Fontainebleau Biosphere Reserve. His passion for botany led him to photography. He manages the photo library and takes care of iconographic research.


Annelaure worked for several years with a nature association where she discovered her love of photography. She manages Naturimages and is the main contact for photographers.