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Owl Night in March

Every two years, in France, the owl is in the spotlight. In 2021, it's March 6, dozens of activities are scheduled across the country despite the pandemic! But owls are nocturnal, how do you juggle the outings with the curfew?

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Carnival season

Strike, snow, fortunately the carnival season is coming to unwind, especially after two years of health restrictions! Nice, Dunkirk, Cayenne, Menton... and some lesser known, but just as magnificent: Annecy, Basel, Granville, Saint-Trojan...

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World Wetlands Day

February 2 is World Wetlands Day. This year, the theme is "it is urgent to restore wetlands", indeed, they are the most destroyed on earth, three times more than forests! Here are some restorations of these areas that are essential to humanity.

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A lynx without ear!

It's a very funny lynx that approached photographer Michel Balanche less than 10 meters this summer, he has no ears! The reason? According to the Athena Center for the Protection of Wildlife, it would be a genetic anomaly. We cannot accuse inbreeding although the Jura lynx population was only created from 15 individuals. Will Michel meet him again this winter?

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Europe's decision on deforestation

Europe has just reached an agreement last night to ban products from deforestation. The latter has already done a lot of harm to the planet. Intensive logging in Gabon, deforestation for agriculture in Madagascar or Sierra Leone, landslides due to deforestation in Nepal, plantation for coffee and post-harvest cattle ranching in Bolivia, and the infamous factories for oil from Palm to Sumatra.

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Stranding of a rare species of whale

More used to North American waters, the beaked whale Hyperoodon ampullatus is rare on our coasts. Trapped by the tide, the latter did not survive and remained on Sangatte beach. This species, which has a specialized diet (it appreciates octopuses), will have difficulty adapting if its ecosystem changes.

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Mountain Bike World Championships

Throwback to the Mountain Bike Championships where the French like Loic Bruni represented their country well by winning the gold medal in the men's downhill. Also find the difficult moments, the punctures, the athletes at the end of their effort.

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International night batman

Saturday August 27 is International Bat Night. An opportunity to get to know these small mammals better and to stop saying "hey, this bird flies late", when it's a bat starting its nocturnal hunt! Naturimages, with several photographers specializing in "bats" presents more than 1000 photos.

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Gallo-Roman Autun

For 2 days, Autun becomes Augustodunum and offers a dive into the daily life of the ancient city. Discover the origins of the city next August!

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Harvest and drought

The harvests are beginning, but the climatic conditions, the high temperatures risk causing devastating fires... The slightest spark can be fatal.

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Overseas biodiversity in the spotlight in 2022 by the LPO

France with its large territory has a great responsibility to protect biodiversity. A telling figure: the overseas territories represent only 0.08% in terms of surface area, but it concentrates 80% of biodiversity. The threats? invasive species such as rats on the island of Tromelin which had left only two species of boobies, including the red-footed booby, hunting like that in the West Indies of red-necked pigeons or the rouviolette dove, climate change which threatens the king penguins of the Crozet archipelago...

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Candidature Mondiaux cyclisme

Haute-Savoie's declaration of candidacy for the organization of the World Cycling Championships was held in February.

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Save the cedars of Thonon

Since September 2021, in Thonon-les-Bains, men and women have been sleeping in trees to prevent the felling and, multiplying the appeals before the Administrative Court of Grenoble, circulate a petition. These activists belong to the collective "Save Together the Magic Circle of the 10 centenary cedars of Thonon". The extension of the hospital to accommodate 180 additional beds must take place where these remarkable trees are planted. One of the opponents of the slaughter remained perched 15 meters high in the cedars adjoining the Thonon-les-Bains hospital from Tuesday to Friday evening by installing ropes and a hammock there. These 10 Atlas cedars, some thirty meters high, have been thriving for almost 150 years just behind the main hospital building, where the extension of the establishment is planned. Currently, the construction machinery bypasses the trees and their protectors, who, as they have repeated since the beginning of their action, are not opposed to the extension of the hospital but they want the project to respect and include the existing nature.

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Save bees great national cause 2022

The bee was decided "great national cause 2022" by the national assembly in the fall. The weather in 2021 has further reduced French honey production and the import of foreign honey, the composition of which is often questionable, makes up for this deficit. the assembly also encourages the government to reflect on a national control plan against the Asian hornet which attacks bees.

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Winning photo

Bravo to Gaël Modrak who won the Nature Photographer of the Year submarine category competition with his gentle photo of his roach walking among the lily stems in the Ain.

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Nice lights up

From December 2, Nice will be adorned with beautiful lights and the projections of lights on the buildings will warm hearts.

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Marmot hunting

The common people do not necessarily know it, but the marmot is one of the huntable species. Its image of a pretty plush easily accessible makes its status difficult to accept for some, such as the deputy Loïc Dombreval. This hunting remains a marginal activity, and other parameters affect its numbers, such as tourists who sometimes feed them with inappropriate food.

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"Invacost" estimates the cost of invasive species

The proliferation of invasive species in France, such as the tiger mosquito, the jussie or the Asian hornet has financial consequences of various kinds: agricultural, medical, tourist loss ... Thanks to the "Invacost" tool, it is finally possible to '' know the cost: between 1.2 and 10.6 billion euros over the past 25 years. These results have just been presented at the World Conservation Congress which has just ended in Marseille.

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Sustainable wasteland revaluation fund

It is high time to stop artificializing farmland. The government is moving in the right direction by perpetuating the brownfield recycling fund. Set up in 2020, this fund has already made it possible to launch 544 revitalization projects. This fund will make it possible to achieve the objective of "zero net artificialization" by 2050.

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Award-winning photos

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New obligations for coastal municipalities

The climate law promulgated on August 22 serves the purpose of seaside municipalities. Future buyers are better informed, building permits more restrictive ... The coastline is on the way back.

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Sancerre, elected favorite village of the French

Sancerre, elected favorite village of the French Among the 14 villages that were in the running in 2021, it is Sancerre, this wine-growing village in the Cher which was voted the big winner on June 30 during Stéphane Bern's program.

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New museum Champollion

In this year of Napoleon, we cannot miss this other famous man, Champollion, who did so much for Egyptian wonders. A new museum has just opened on June 4 in Vif in Isère. This museum highlights that Champollion was not a single man, but also had an older brother who was his mentor.

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Association Akamasoa

When one man changes the fate of thousands of others, it is good to stress it. Thirty years ago, Father Pedro discovered Malagasy families living in an imposing landfill. It will take several months to convince 70 families to leave to go to a better future, it was in 1990. Today, the Akamasoa association has enabled the construction of more than 3,000 houses, more than 10,000 children are in school, Thousands of people have jobs: granite quarries, brick making, paving squares, streets and roads, masonry, carpentry, carpentry, metal construction, mechanics, meals and canteens ... every Sunday morning, Father's Mass Pedro gathers around 8000 people!

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Against the privatization of EDF dams

Many demonstrators gathered on Saturday May 8 against the Hercules project, the privatization of EDF.

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The time of thrush is back

How to resist the heady scent of this single strand? recognizable among all, its white bells nevertheless have the power to metamorphose into very poisonous red fruits and which takes us in the space of a few weeks from spring to Christmas!

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Frost in the vines

The frost of April 9 was also formidable in the Hérault on the varieties of Syrah, Viognier, Chardonnay. A few shoots survived, but for how long?

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Birth of a volcano!

A new volcano that appeared on March 19 in southern Iceland. It does not have an official name, but it is in the "Geldingadalur" valley which is located in the "Fagradalsfjall" mountains. Its castings still in progress, continue to attract the curious!

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The bird that wins against Nutella!

The Nutella spread lost in the face of the garish edicnema! The Ferrero company was to build a giant warehouse in the Eure, on a place where this bird with the yellow iris nests. France Nature Environnement has just won this victory.

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Trapping plastic from rivers

The Spanish TecnoGrabber waste retention system created in July 2020 can trap up to 100kg. These are resistant plastic nets which are held by a stainless steel deflector screen.

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Lunar halo

It is an unusual optical phenomenon that occurred on the night of January 23, 2021 in the Breton sky over the town of berné. A halo has formed around the moon, this phenomenon is created by the reflection of light by ice crystals present in the atmosphere.

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Vaccination covid

Vaccination has started in the region, in Thonon-les-Bains for people over 75 years old. The sub-prefect and the mayor make sure that everything goes well.

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Snow but no skiing

Does nature teach us a lesson? The snow is more than present this winter, in ski resorts and even far beyond and the ski lifts are sadly closed. Here are some illustrative photos, a surprising sale of cable cars, ski touring, snowshoes and empty stations ...

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Emergency accommodation

In Haute-Savoie, the nights are cold, emergency accommodation has been set up in Annecy. Prefabricated elements thus serve as rooms. They are equipped with a chair bed and a table to allow the homeless to spend the nights warm, a collective kitchen is available to families. The prefect of Haute-Savoie, Alain Espinasse inspects emergency accommodation.

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Demonstration against police violence

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Goodbye Christmas market

Cancellations of the major Christmas markets are piling up every day ... Strasbourg, Amiens, Lille, Arras ... find the photos of their warm atmospheres .. this year, it will remain, we hope, the holiday atmosphere in the Christmas markets of small villages, with less than 1000 inhabitants ...

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Alex storm

Consequence and volunteers in Saint-Laurent-du-Var.

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Threat to the turtledoves

Far from the gray of the Turkish turtledove, the turtledove has colorful plumage on the wings. This beautiful bird has just received very bad news, the French government has just signed an order authorizing the hunting of 17,460 of its fellows, surprising news given the numbers of the species.

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Procession of Saint Anne this Sunday

The covid will not prevent the faithful of the two valleys of Ceillac and Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye in the Alps from meeting up after a long ascent to the Sainte-Anne chapel for the secular mass of Sainte-Anne. After the meditation, the "friends of Ceillac" put on a musical entertainment while the picnics are taken from the bag.

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Neowise comet

Until the end of the month, the comet Neowise is visible in the sky of France, but you have to be an early riser or a late night owl because it shows its beautiful panache only between 4h and 5h in the morning

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Limited use beaches

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Resumption of sport

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Agricultural labor

Strawberries, asparagus, Espelette peppers ... France is facing the problem of foreign labor which cannot be present.

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Keep teens busy: Birdhouse construction

This is an activity for young people: building a birdhouse for the birds.

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School at home

Confinement for all: children and parents to telework!

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Marée noire Erika

Erika, 20 years old

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Go to Christmas !

Christmas tree is here, market open !

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Amélie storm has passed

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First disappearance of a bird in France ...

It's official, the last couple of pink-breasted shrikes living in the hérault did not have any young. Despite the total protection of this species, it will die in France, which announces the first disappearance of a vertebrate in our country in the 21st century. This bird was victim, among others, French pesticides which reduces the number of insects which constitutes its meal.

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First price

This young Southern Elephant Seal, who was kind enough to pose on a beach in Patagonia, was awarded the first mammal prize at the Lorraine Photonature festival.

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A particular world tour!

After 5 years of solo sailing around the world on her yacht Yvinec and with a surprising companion, her hen Monique, Guirec Soudée arrived on 15/12/2018 at the end of her journey in the port of Paimpol (Côtes d'Armor ). At 26, he is the youngest sailor to have passed the Northwest Passage. He also spent more than 120 days stuck in the ice of Greenland.

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Climate run

Strong mobilization in Grenoble on March 16th for the climate.

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Scallop shell threatened

The Saint-Jacques shell war revives Franco-English hostilities!

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Deserted place of the world cup!

And while jubilation took France, the Beauval zoo, famous for its pandas, was totally depopulated. Unique in France, the baby panda had been baptized by Brigitte Macron and the president had come to see him for his 40 years. In the late afternoon of Sunday, the queue to see the baby panda was completely empty! A unique opportunity for a tête-à-tête with the Chinese animal. In the distance, the supporters shouted at each goal, the monkeys enthusiastically answering them.

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The Natural Park of Aubrac has just been born!

The 53rd Regional Natural Park has just been born on Friday, May 25th. Why Aubrac? already his cows that bear his name are inescapable. Many cheeses are present as the laguiole which also has his knife. Gastronomy as we can follow with Michel and Sebastien Bras. To finish, these trays as far as the eye can see that give such beautiful landscapes.

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Gypaete chick reintroduction

On May 6, 2018, in the hamlet of Léoux, above Villeperdrix, in the Regional Natural Park of Baronnies (southern Drôme, France), the reintroduction of three bearded vultures was carried out. These vulture babies were introduced to the local population for a benevolent arrival. The bearded chicks are three months old. Arrived in boxes of transport, they are presented to the population and sponsored by personalities (elected and raptor specialists). Several structures contributed to this reintroduction operation, including the Vautours en Baronnies association, the Drôme department, Life Gypconnect and the European Union.

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The secret of the tower of Pisa

From its construction, the tower of Pisa leaned. Since the 12th century, one would have thought, with all the earthquakes that agitate Italy, that it ends up crumbling! This fact intrigued the researchers who have just given their conclusion, it is the loose soil on which it is built which absorbs the vibrations! unveiled George Mylonakis, professor at the University of Bristol.

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French oak disappears in China!

Samuel Deschaumes is spokesman of the National Forest Federation, he alerts the opinion on the disturbing departure of much of our oak wood in China. Indeed, this country has decided to set aside some of its forests and import whatever the price of raw wood, mainly from France because our country has not been as well armed against this scourge unlike its neighbors. Our reporter met Samuel Deschaumes for a report.

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There will soon be more that:

In 15 years a third of the number of birds has disappeared from our campaigns; Some species like the red partridge no longer exist outside the cowards with 90% drop in population... The pesticides have killed the insects and polluted the waters, and all the birds are starving because the chicks eat almost only insects... A global warming shot and they disappear in a few seasons. Images in the form of an epitaph of our world soon eradicated.

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Manifestation CGT 19 avril 2018

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This is the period of the bear garlic

The young leaves are coming out of the ground. It's so simple to take some of them, chop them up and add them to a fresh cheese, a return to nature for the taste buds.

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Defense under the snow

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French flood

Back in picture on the floods of the Seine in Paris and Villeneuve-le-Roi, but also the Marne and Yerre.

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Découverte d’ une nouvelle espèce de libellule pour la France métropolitaine

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Milk strike

Impressive spill milk in the fields ...

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Meilleur restaurant élu par le guide "Steak in France"

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Green tide

After the death of a horse this summer by the gases released by decaying algae, events multiply to draw attention to this problem older than 40 years ..

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Réveil du volcan Sinabung à Sumatra

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Japan affected by avian flue

More 400 000 chickens killed because virus presence. 6 wild crane affected near Izumi...

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Stranding cargo TK Bremen

Brittany is facing a new grounding. The oil begins to be clean.

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Naturimages au 3ème salon de la photo animalière Val de Saone (Côte d'Or)

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Les Calanques: a new national park

The 10 th National Park newly born. It's been 33 years since we had not a national park on the mainland. Another first this time IN EUROPE: this is the first suburban park!

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Turtles Join the Sea

Mardi 10 juillet, deux tortues caouannes (Caretta caretta) et les deux tortues de Kemp (Lepidochelys kempii) ont retrouvé l’Océan.Elles avaient été soignées depuis plusieurs mois par le Centre d’Etudes et de Soins pour les Tortues Marines de l’Aquarium La Rochelle.

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First prize at the Festival of Namur

Deux de nos photographes ont remporté des 1er prix. Stéfane Gautier a remporté le premier prix dans la catégorie "autres animaux" au festival international de la photo avec sa rainette. André Gilden a remporté le premier prix "Pris sur le vif" du concours Emotion Ailes avec son pingouin.

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New Esplanade at the old Port of Marseille

L'Esplanade du Vieux-Port à Marseille a été inauguré le 7 janvier 2013. Au total, près de 3,5 hectares sont désormais exclusivement réservés aux piétons. Au débouché de la Canebière, seules 2 voies au lieu de 9 sont désormais accessibles aux véhicules. Les bus disposent d'une voie réservée tout autour du Vieux-Port, qui doit également accueillir les cyclistes.

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Poaching of the Unicorn rhinoceros

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Stop Bluefin

Bluefin tuna in the Japanese supermarket and cut.

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Our winners of the International Festival of Photography Nature Montier en Der

Congratulations to our winners: Christmas Brion for the grand prize "graphic" with his pen. Claude Ruff for the grand prize "mammal"with its sea lion, and for his photo of kelp. Loïc Nowak and especially for the grand prize in all categories for his hare. Among the selected Greyo congratulations to David for his photo of egret and Patrice Correia for his rhino poaching.

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Xynthia: Damage in vendee

The breaking of the dam Bouin has taken their toll ...

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Nice storm May 4, 2010

Destruction of infrastructure on the beaches, Castel has been destroyed.

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Flooding in the Var-one months after

One month after the floods in the Var June 15, 2010 the scars of the disaster are still widely visible throughout the affected areas. In the margins of back-and-coming annual tourists seeking the Mediterranean sun, the Var licking their wounds slowly.

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Environmentalists protest the Grenelle Environment II

Environmentalists express concern at the National Assembly at the start of the examination of the texts of two of the Grenelle Environment, May 4 in Paris.

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Nature capital Paris: Champs Elysees metamorphosed

Take a bit of height to see the makeover of the most beautiful avenue in the world by young farmers. And it's not over, the adventure continues Dammarie lilies.

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Inauguration of annual agricultural show at Paris

President Nicolas Sarkozy and Bruno Lemaire, agricultural minister launch the 48th agricultural show.

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A point on nuclear

What about nuclear power today? Find many pictures of the inside of the plant that makes Fessenheim debate because commissioning in 1977.

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University of the earth - April 2011

Discussion of ideas among stakeholders and the public to find solutions to environmental problems such as world hunger, the role of banks, better live in town ...

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discomfiture of Annecy 2018

Annecy will not have the Olympics in 2018. Some are disappointed, others happy.

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Joachim storm

The storm of 15 and 16 December 2011 at the Finistère. People are not always conservative enough!

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Demolition of TK Bremen

Images taken off the beginning of the demolition of the Maltese cargo ship stranded on the beaches of Britain.

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Human chain against nuclear

Event and organizing a human chain in Grenoble on 1/22/12, involving several hundred people to protest against nuclear power and nuclear power plants but also to announce a rally to be held Sunday, March 11, when anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan.

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Polar adventure

The polar adventure is a national championship of the French Federation pulk sled dogs and an average distance which took place on 28 and 29 January to Méaudre in the Regional Natural Park of Vercors. The race is a qualifier for the European Championships FISTC, and brings together the best French mushers whose dogs are Nordic breeds, over 500 dogs.

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Demonstration against shale gas

Samedi 22 septembre, Saint-Christol-les-Alès, dans le Gard. Retrouvez les photos de la manifestation contre le gaz de schiste, plus de 2000 personnes dont Corinne Lepage.

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The match Stade Brestois: Quimper's snail is full

Cette espèce protégée en fait baver au footballeur, en effet ils sont présents sur le site de Tréastell dans le Finistère où doit être construit le centre de formation du stade brestois. Qui gagnera le match?

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spicy holiday

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Protest against Monsanto on 25 May 2013

Elle a réunit des milliers de personnes samedi dans plusieurs villes européennes. Découvrez les photos de Paris

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Old rigging in Rouen from 6 to 16 June

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October 19 demonstration against shale gas

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Protest against the beaten to the Foxes

Les 22 et 23 février prochain, ce sont des battues au renard qui seront organisés dans le département du Nord. Plusieurs centaines de manifestants sont sortis dans la rue samedi 15 pour crier leur indignation et essayer de faire annuler ces actions.

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Label "Wild River"

Le Label "Rivière Sauvage" vient d'être créé. La première à avoir obtenu le label est la Valserine qui est dans le Jura. D'autres sont candidates comme le Chéran dans les Alpes. TF1 a mis le label à l'honneur lors de son journal du 28 avril.

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Save the white chamois baby!

Un jeune chamois blanc a été vu dans le Doubs. Phénomène rare, les amoureux de la nature se mobilisent pour que lors de l'ouverture de la chasse, le 14 septembre, il ne soit pas tué! TF1 en a parlé lors de son journal de 20h ainsi que le Parisien et l'Est Républicain.

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The reenactment of the Bald cave is on its way

Chauvet vient d'avoir la reconnaissance de l'UNESCO. Maintenant, l'objectif est de finir la reconstitution pour le printemps 2015, l'équivalent de 10 fois la grotte de Lascaux! quelques photos des travaux en cours.

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The Association A.R.B.R.E. S celebrates its 20th anniversary

Déclarer un arbre "remarquable" permet à l'association de le protéger. De plus en plus, ce sont des peuplements qui sont distingués, d'où une protection accrue. Naturimages avait déjà mis à l'honneur cette association avec son agenda "nature" pour l'anniversaire de ses 15 ans.

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The 15 years of the sails of Saint-Tropez

Notre photographe Benjamin David-Testanière sera présent dans un zodiac très mobile pour être au cœur de l'évènement, qui se tient du 27 septembre au 5 octobre.

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An increasingly rare phenomenon: fleeting flights

Des milliers de femelles volent autour des sources lumineuses. Auparavant, les pêcheurs les récupéraient et elles se vendaient à prix d'or. aujourd'hui la pollution a drastiquement réduit leur nombre.

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The ZADistes in action on 15 September

Des gendarmes étaient présents pour déloger les ZADistes du site du Testet dans le Tarn. Les militants du ZAD tentent d'empêcher la destruction de ce site qui est programmée pour la construction d'un barrage pour l'irrigation. Certains militants se sont installés dans des cabanes en haut des arbres.

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Great tides that will not happen again in 18 years!

Le week end du 21 Mars prochain auront lieux les marées "du siècle". Cette appellation est donnée à des coefficients de marée supérieurs à 118 sur 120. Un tel enchainement 118-119-118 ne reproduira pas avant 18 années ! A Saint-Malo, ce sont près de 50 000 personnes y sont attendu.

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Salt harvesting looks good

Avec les prévisions de beau temps, la récolte qui vient de débuter à Guérande et dans les autres salins s'annonce belle. les gestes ancestraux se perpétuent chaque jour jusque fin septembre.

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Naturimages supports Cheetahs

Cheetah For Ever est une association française qui a initié et qui finance un programme kenyan original de surveillance et de protection des femelles guépards et de leurs petits dans la réserve de Masaï Mara au Kenya, en impliquant les populations locales.

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Fight against mussel dies in Oleron island

jeudi 13 aout, l'association Aplimap a organisé un sit-in sur la plage de Foulerot à l'île d'Oléron. Le projet d'installation de filières du comité régional de la conchyliculture et la préfecture a été refusé deux fois, mais ils ne baissent pas les bras. l'aplimap reste vigilant face à ce projet qui menace les plages.

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3rd Festival Art Nature 10-12 June

+ de 80 artistes, photographes, peintres, sculpteurs pour cet nouvel édition parrainé par Allain Bougrain-Dubourg. Le château d'Ainay-le-Vieil et ses jardins sont le cadre de ce bel évenement pour lequel Naturimages est partenaire.

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X Version of Valentine's Day

Chez les animaux...