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Saint-Valéry Herbarium

Go through the door and behind the high walls of flint and pebbles and discover a cottage garden , grandmother or poetry is every step. Nature seems free but the work of the gardener is undeniable.

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Organic fight against wireworms

The proliferation of wireworm larvae called "wire" by their resistant cuticle is detrimental to the plants in the vegetable garden. The attacks are very localized and you can see a healthy salad stalk next to a totally withered stalk! For a long time, only chemical control made it possible to fight this insect, but the products used, which are very toxic to all soil fauna, have practically all been banned and the gardener is often helpless in the face of this pest. To save salads, nothing beats a potato! the washers attract the larvae, it is enough to raise these traps to remove the larvae and the salads are doing better.

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Montclar botanic jungle

in Aude, there is a hectare of land that seems wild ... it is the jungle of Montclar which offers its wealth to the visitor during a walk with its owner Cyrille for 1h30. Tomato, artichoke, hops, clematis grow and climb on bamboo stakes or trees in the middle of birds which are welcomed in wooden nest boxes. Cyrille also recovered numerous pots in which they treat bonsai.

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Elisée garden: in the heart of France

A few dozen kilometers from the "official" center of France, is the Garden of Elisha, floral and botanical park in the south of the Cher department, it was created from scratch by a couple of Belgians in a few years and opened to the public since June 2008. A succession of themed gardens: the orchard, the hillside vineyards, bamboos, the duck pond, the flower garden, the medicinal garden.
We are in Berry and it is quite natural that we find "the mystery lair", a garden where sorcery is in the spotlight with plants such as datura, belladonna or even poisonous aconite legend has it that she kills the mothers-in-law! The tinctorial garden presents the plants that make it possible to obtain colored pigments. There are also pharmaceutical gardens and perfumes, but it is especially the garden of liquors and spirits which intrigues the visitors. Bottles containing the recipes of these alcohols have been put at the plant level, so we can discover how to turn magnolia into liquor.
The Berry is also known for its donkeys, and the garden of Elisha welcomes several. You can walk there for more than six months of the year: in April, May: thousands of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, violets come to flower the garden. In June: it's the waltz of roses, alliums, iris ... And july with jellies: a beautiful collection of lilies, dahlias, roses, hydrangeas, sumptuous grasses and colors galore, the orchard and the kitchen garden always more generous .

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Bring biodiversity into your garden

How to bring biodiversity into your garden? A bird lover created a pool for birds from an old recycled washing machine, decorated with a fountain, in his garden in Rosny sous Bois near Paris. Two years later, many birds, Greenfinches of Europe, Jays, Pigeons, Doves, Munchet Accents, Finches, Necked Parrots, Tits, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Starlings, Cute Wren, Red Gorge, come to drink, refresh or bathe during the summer months.

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Semis de capucine

Spring is coming soon, it's time to think about the annuals to plant. What's simpler than nasturtiums? They will bring warm colors to the garden.

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Epicurium d'Avignon

A unique place in Europe at the gates of Avignon, in the middle of a vast garden for sensory, scientific and cultural discovery of fruits and vegetables. A place entirely dedicated to the discovery of the plant from seed to plate.

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Jardin du Prieure Saint Michel

Among the many elements of the garden of the Priory Saint-Michel, two elements are remarkable: dry stone terraces planted with many cypresses (Provence and Florence) and fruit trees with natural vegetation favoring the presence of many birds and butterflies and an alley bordered by olive trees bicentennial.

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Tarot garden

It's been 20 years this year that the Tarot garden in Tuscany has been open to the public. The colors, the sun, everything seems Italian, but the artist who made these works is French, Niki de Saint Phalle. The name of "Tarot" rests on the 22 arcanes: The Magician, the Lovers, the righteousness, the lust, the death... which are translated into sculptures.

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Alchimist garden

Hang on intellectually when visiting the Alchemist's garden! A maze opens the ball, then a garden with the plants said "Magical " that demystifies their role. The garden of the alchemist itself succeeds him. With his means, the gardener traces the course of the Alchemist in his quest for the transformation of lead in gold and more broadly the search for the meaning of life. Shapes, square, curve, star, colors black, white, red, digits (5 and 11, 7 and 22, 9 and 33) and planets (Saturn, Mercury and the Moon, the Sun) are attributed to each space; Elements related to the esoteric language of the alchemists.

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Jardins et château d'Ansouis

The story begins in the Middle Ages with a fortress that stood up. today, it has a connivance with the castle of the 17th century which was built for pleasure. The terraces and boxwood gardens defy the rock very present.

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Giverny à la mode impressionnisme

Arnaud Nedaud approached Giverny as Claude Monet. Thanks to his double exposure technique, his photos are like paintings.

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Le jardin des cordeliers

The contemporary garden of the Cordeliers

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Jardin de Romégas

Romegas garden

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Pyrale du buis

Boxwood borer

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Le jardin botanique hanbury, de végétation naturelle, a été acheté par l’état italien en 1960. Le développement du jardin a été réalisé par le pépinieriste hyérois Charles Huber sous les ordres de Thomas Hanbury,

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Provençal Culture

Philippe Taschini, paysagiste, fait pousser des renoncules de multiples couleurs à Eze, dans les Alpes-Maritimes.

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Garden of the Wolf in Provence, a time to meditate

Ce jardin contemporain offre une succession de terrasses. Le rôle du minéral est fort: boules en pierre, ange en pierre et de nombreux bancs en bois dessinés par Nicole de Vésian qui offre des endroits pour la méditation. La beauté vient surtout du jeu entre les verts des feuilles et le paysage.

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Garden: Thousands of lemons

Le soleil qui éclaire Menton donne vie aux citrons et autres agrumes du jardin de François Mazet de puis le 16ème siècle. Pamplemoussiers, orangers, kumquatiers, mandariniers, clémentiniers, pomelos, cédratiers, bigaradiers se font une place à la lumière.

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The lianes garden

Dans le Pas-de-Calais, on peut découvrir sur 5400m2 les allées naviguant dans ce jardin à l'anglaise. Collections de roses et d'hortensias côtoient gloriettes, cabanes, puits et pigeonnier. 2016 sera l'année des 30 ans du jardin des lianes.

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Terra Botanica

The park , based near Angers celebrates its 5th anniversary . These are the plants that are in the spotlight, their strange shapes , extraordinary gardens ... Discover also plants from Mexico to Japan.

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The gardens of petrifying springs

In Isere lies a garden with multitudes of sources in which Asia, Africa, America, Australia plants grow ...

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Potting workshop with children

Manon, 5 years old and Julien, 8 years old are introduced to the potting following the advice of their father.

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Maizicourt Gardens in North of France

In Picardy, discover the gardens which was originally of French gardens. This period, there are only a few large trees, the 19th century saw the arrival of exotic trees. The great war has led to its abandonment. Today, he is prolific and very flowery.

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Transformation of terrace

No more black plastic pots just cracked! Follow step by step the transformation of a terrace with the painting of wooden bins, the establishment of tissue protection in the pots and potting of the olive tree and aromatic plants.

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A curious garden

In 22 years it escaped from an agricultural high school flooded his austere hill color: flowers of all addition, clusters of old watering cans he streaked with blue, yellow, red, water bottles adorned with friezes, totems pickaxe handle, old road signs facelift ... His trick is to recover, to restore the broken link between man and nature.

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Ephemeral Gardens .. in Charentes

Flooded throughout the winter, The Nature Isle of St. Fraigne reborn each year, leaving room magically beautiful gardens ephemeral. Over a dozen plots, unique works of art created from the plant, and renewed every year a different theme. Meanwhile, the garden traces the lives of men and traditional cultures of this country of bogs.

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Biologic garden in autumn

In the locality of Jammary in the Lot, a garden is maintained without any pesticides. A natural garden that welcomes wildlife and the pride of its owner. To follow in the spring and fall.