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Chestnut house

Here is the most local house that exists: in Morbihan, Sandrine Mangel built her house with the wood of around thirty chestnut trees that surround it, the straw which serves as insulation comes from surrounding fields ... The site is followed. by our photographer, the last stop is july 21.

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Build a kerterre

A kerterre is a small ecological house, made from hemp, lime and sand. The one built during this year 2020 in Berry by the ceramicist Monique Guehl and her friends took a few weeks spread over July and November. It is a small house made of local materials. The hemp comes from cultivation produced by a young farmer from Loye sur Arnon. With a diameter of 4 meters, the interior is warm with a stove, fern placed on the ground, which will dry out during the winter. A winter jasmine has been planted in the ground indoors.

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Réfection d'une salle de bain

A bathroom with a mosaic is good, but we end up tired of these colorful patterns! It is not necessary to remove all the shards, it is possible to put a new faience on the old. Here is a step by step renovation.

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Creating a Partition

A father and son install a bulkhead in a garage to create a technical room for their pool. Plaster plates are a simple way to create a partition; The interest lies in their strength, their insulation capacity and their ease of use.

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Modernize your kitchen

How to modernize a kitchen without changing the furniture? Paint the walls with a gradient of blue and grey, replace the wooden splashback with grey earthenware, apply a grey resin on the worktop and to finish the harmonization of the tones, replace the old sink and the old baking plate with Grey and design models.

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Fitting a dressing room

How to turn a simple closet into a dressing room? A little white paint shot, some pretty planks for the shelves, a ribbon of LED To illuminate the whole thing and the trick is played!

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Renovation of a room and its shower room

We transformed a room with dirty colors into a cheerful and warm place. In order to give space and relief to the room, we chose two different colors for the walls; gray and turquoise to find the same spirit in the room and in the bathroom. The parquet replaced an old gray and cold balatum. The wood of the floor gives warmth to the room and avoids the carpet too messy for a room on the ground floor. It remains pleasant whatever the season to walk barefoot. The partitions have been moved to optimize the space between the bedroom and the bathroom. The shower room initially consisted of a very small space with a shower and sink. We installed a "geberit" type wall-hung toilet to save space and installed a "towel-hung" radiator. The plasterboard used in the bathroom is BA13 unlike the one that was placed in the room (plasterboard classic). Under the earthenware (mainly at the location of the shower) was applied a waterproofing layer under tiles: beige product applied with a brush. In the corners, to avoid any risk of leakage, have been laid sealing strips. The floor of the bathroom is an imitation parquet floor to remind the floor of the room.

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Create a boy's room

Create a girl's room

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Eco District Alturan

A saint-Jean-de-Luz, ce sont 247 logements conçus dans une démarche à Haute qualité environnementale qui sont sortis de terre. Une loggia côté sud escamotable sert de serre l'hiver et de balcon l'été. Les capteurs solaires sur les toits servent à chauffer l'eau.

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Its ecological home thanks to the participatory projects

deux ans et demi, c'est le temps qu'il a fallu à Claude et Marie-Jo pour réaliser leur rêve de maison paille. Quinze de chantier participatif pour la pose de la paille. Un formateur est rémunéré, il encadra une dizaine de personnes qui en échange d'un coup de main se forment à la technique. Deux autres chantiers se firent pour les enduits et la pose des terres cuites.

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Pergola installation

Two children help their dad to install a pergola terrace.

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Straw house

Metal structure, but instead straw walls and lime plaster. This is Manuel Turillot, a professional who has built this house.

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A new terrace

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Tavaillons Tradition

Traditional farms protect themselves from the cold with a Jura siding shingles. Made of spruce, they provide some unique features, such as grouse reproduced.

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Children house

Steps for building a wooden hut for children under the admiring eyes of these!

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Installing a solar water heater

Step of installing a solar water heater Helioset 250 E Brand Saunier Duval.

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Renovation site heat pump and solar panels

A traditional gas boiler cities with hot water is replaced by a system of heat pump type air / water + solar panels for hot water production.

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Heating: Change to a stove

Wood stoves make a comeback in homes, including remodeling. Many are betting that renewable energy, replacing its old oil boiler with a stove that also makes a note of conviviality.

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Light well

Installing a skylight can make a light in the darkest parts. It is much used in new homes when renovation. No need for a building permit and a good dose of sunlight is better than artificial light!

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A reed roof

Comme un bateau amarré

La "paloma"

La fuste du voltigeur

Un chalet au naturel

L'oiseau des pyrénées

Honka rouge

Et au milieu coule une rivière

Du bio et du bois

Un dome bioclimatique

Un peu plus près du soleil

L'exemple Catalan


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Maison en paille